HTC Exodus 1 now available, first wave of shipments starts

06 December 2018
It's the crypto-focused phone that you can pay for only in crypto.

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  • CryptoFuture

rky, 06 Dec 2018this is definitely a bad idea... not going to work htc is i... moreYou're funny. Crypto is the future!

WTF HTC like seriously???
I hate you more than ever before.

HTC finally lost it

  • Anonymous

Watching my all time favourite brand HTC doing things like this, makes me wonder who are those idiots running the company down the ground...

HTC maybe hire me instead?

shame, shame.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2018Perfect timing. Release a crypto-enabled phone at a time w... moreI like buying a flagship phone for $ much was yours?

Not bad for LTC 19.84 ($500 USD/£400) for the U12+ish specs...

  • Alex

I read "HTC exodus, first wave starts," and I thought, well, HTC is finished now.

  • Anonymous

Perfect timing. Release a crypto-enabled phone at a time when the crypto market is taking a huge dump. Why are you always 5 steps behind everything, HTC?

  • Anonymous

Dr. Chillo, 06 Dec 2018Hyped trash"Hyped"?! Where?

  • Couch expert

Funny how people are begging a business to "die already".
That's your karma for removing the frigging dongle from the box (so that it'd cost 10USD in USA and up to 50USD where it's not sold thru partner channels) and making the glass back sharp and fragile so that it literally hurts to touch.
A pity, because HTC 10 was beastly. However, the only HTC we've had in the family - the Legend - had its digitizer die twice. Maybe their other models were more reliable.

  • Anonymous

It's hard not to hate you HTC but you make it easy to hate you

  • Anonymous

DOA bitcoin value is down.. pointless phone you buy a pc to farm.. so what’s the point of the wallet on your phone..

  • Dude

Just perrish already HTC. You suck

  • Anonymous

Then Apple decides to do same, people will drool over it

Hyped trash

It's selling for $1000 cash money in my country lol

  • Anonymous

What a bad idea at this moment.

  • AnonD-793004

People won't even buy hTC with regular currency. LMAO

  • Anonymous

Beautiful. Better than htc u12?