UK's BT telecom is removing some 4G Huawei equipment over security concerns

06 December 2018
Huawei continues to face hard times.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2018Samsung is korean aka US ally. Huawei use Kirin chipsets... moreHaha

The US doesn't allow Kirin to be used. Huawei were crying about it.
They wish they could sell in the states.

But they have been caught secretly sending personal data to a Chinese server. They deserve it.

  • Anonymous

123, 12 Dec 2018this is done by usa... and it's 100% bu**hitSecretly sending the text messages from phones to a server in China is acceptable to you?

Does not looking good for Huawei. If the trade war will continue Huawei will be left without English speaking continets, definitely big blow for Huawei

  • 123

this is done by usa... and it's 100% bu**hit

  • Anonymous

Can huawei brand meets and add on the disney Internet culture on the ralph breaks the Internet? Is it still illegal to meet huawei like that? Because huawei is having trouble in America.

ghfatw, 10 Dec 2018I don’t think people are being paranoid enough - security i... moreEspecially with the 5G network being fully operational to implement autonomous driving, controlling traffic lights through smart algorithims...
Watch the movie Live Free or Die Hard. When it was released it was a far-fetched cyber terrorist fairy tale but with the implementation of 5G around the world all by 1 component manufacturer it truly is an eye opener.

  • ghfatw

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2018People are getting too paranoid about thisI don’t think people are being paranoid enough - security is a real concern with 5G

  • Anonymous

Good riddance.

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Shaggy, 07 Dec 2018I'm not on any sides, just curious if there's any hard evid... moreIn the UK there is a team who's sole purpose is to find flaws in Huawei technologies. They comb through everything, hardware and software, and report to GCHQ.

BT isn't removing everything. It is clearly just a peace-offering. Even if just one dodgy item was in the network it compromises all of it. So it is an all-or-nothing task. You can't just remove 'some' of it.

And in any event these days all sensitive traffic is encrypted. Sure encryption can be defeated, but not instantly. For that reason even if they were dodgy you wouldn't need to worry if you're just a consumer.

The resources required to capture everything for every single user would be enormous, un-doable. So only if you're a target would it be of any concern.

Dodo, 07 Dec 2018No liberal democracy should be using Chinese equipment, no ... moreI heard about this not to long ago, isn't there an government chip implanted and loaded with a certain amount of $ (yen or whatever they use) and they are keeping a close eye (security) on these people. Not sure where I seen that though so I can't cite the source.

  • Dodo

No liberal democracy should be using Chinese equipment, no matter how economical.

The Chinese government is creating the first cyber-totalitarianism infrastructure internally, and exporting it to kleptocracies like Russia and other Third World dictatorships seeking tight control over information reaching those unfortunate enough to have been born there.

I am glad the liberal democracies are waking up to the threat and presenting a united front. Better late than never.

Shaggy, 07 Dec 2018I'm not on any sides, just curious if there's any hard evid... moreThere are espionage charges between various countries including corporate, technology and defence related secrets being exchanged. Similarly, West has been doing this through various other methods across globe to create social & political unrest to sell their arms and to keep the development at bay in those regions, and keep the instability. If they don't like China then they must ban the country like North Korea but west needs donkey workforce at dirt cheap but with advanced skills to supply products. China may not be innocent but who else is?

  • Foxfone

And of course this has nothing to do with protectionism now that Apple is losing market share and the no longer the jewel in the crown of the US economy. Remember security doesn’t just mean defence it also means economic security. Huawei, whilst it might have government ties, is being unfairly targeted as it is taking over from Apple and the US don’t like that. They are doing whatever they can to protect economic security .... That’s how it comes across to the average joe in the street....

  • Anonymous

Were they not a threat before they became mainstream?

  • Anonymous

Samsung is korean aka US ally.

Huawei use Kirin chipsets, and they dont allow US to have access to them... so that means the US government cant spy. This makes them angry, so they end up banning them.

Huawei are also growing rapidly and trying to become no 1

  • Anonymous

Please don t use any huawei devices . Bcoz we need better world and peace more than mate and p series . I loved mate 20 series but noooot anymore.

  • Shaggy

I'm not on any sides, just curious if there's any hard evidence to back this allegation? Has any of the equipment been tested by someone unbiased to the case?
Reading this and previous articles, it seems the allegations are solleily based on the fact that the CEO was a former member of the Communist Party. Allegations, accusations and assumptions isn't enough IMO. I want evidence based on technical testing data that proves or disapproves Huawei's spying. Obviously by an impartial group/company/researchers.

  • Anonymous

Seriously, it's nothing to do with spying, it's about in the (hopefully) unlikely event of future hostilities between these countries and China, they *might* be able to take the country's internet backbone down.

It's just not worth taking the risk.

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 06 Dec 2018This is about network infrastructure. Not mobile phones. Ap... moremay be he read this article using google translation lel,Chinese seems only good on intelligence test but not in real life situations ... and I hightly doubt he ever used Samsung devices.

  • lyndino

Shogun, 06 Dec 2018Westerner, mostly from the five eye, (USA, Australia, New-Z... moreThat's a little racist don't you think?
As a white person I could easily consider an "original" Swedish, Finnish, Russian person a foreigner and unless I'm mistaken they are "white" people.