Google Phone app gets redesigned interface, it's all circles now

08 December 2018
The Favorites tab in v27 of Google's dialer app is back to the three-in-a-row arrangement from Lollipop times.

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Anonymous, 10 Dec 2018In what world is that uglier than the fugly big ass squares... moreThe whole idea of circular 'icons' and generally flat (lack of) design is just a horrible idea, and that includes being ugly.

It would have made sense 25 years ago back at the Win3.1 era to simplify the graphics, for the poor graphics engines of the time. In 2018, it is just a sick mind without the least understanding of how our vision works, that thought up this ugly flat hell.

(though back then circular would have been complicated too)

Poor Google, they do something wrong - everyone is pissed, they do something right - everyone is pissed...
Google's design has the major influence on Android development, and it's finally starting to look like something solid and worthwhile.
It's similar as iOS's (7) redesign, difference is that Google will probably only scrape through the criticism and not receive much appreciation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2018Joining the conga line of Apple-created design gimmicks.Yup. I mean Google cannot escape from copying iPhone.
Ditching headphone jack, check.
Notch, check, and let's make it even uglier.

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 09 Dec 2018...more of their uglyfications...In what world is that uglier than the fugly big ass squares it had before this update??

...more of their uglyfications...

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Joining the conga line of Apple-created design gimmicks.

  • Benjamin

Does it really matter? Today is round, tomorrow is square.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for it.

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2018Dark theme?I'm using dark mode for about 3 weeks!

That's how Favorites already look like on my Galaxy S5 (Marshmallow). Circles on a white background, 3x3 grid, except that my tabs are on top.

  • Anonymous

Dark theme?

  • Anonymous

Dark mode yet?

  • Alien

that white background makes it horrible. Ever heard of black Fuggle?

Oh, how I love it when a square profile picture is displayed in a circle.

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