Samsung Galaxy A8s is official with an Infinity-O display with punch hole camera

10 December 2018
It also has a triple-lens camera with telephoto.

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  • Znarf

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2019Shameless copy of iPX. Samsung can never be both original and cool.Does the iPX have 3 camera?? I don't think so.. It's very shameful to use iPhone today due to lack of innovation.. They are now in the recycling business..

  • Anonymous

Shameless copy of iPX. Samsung can never be both original and cool.

  • Samsormahajer

Oh! I love this very mutch
Wat to buy in 2019 inshaallah

  • Anonymous

this gives hope s10 is notchless or at least the camera position is not atrocious as renders

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 11 Dec 2018yes , we must blame apple for this ... because apple start it ..... moreMotorola started it. Or at least is one of the companies to do it before Apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2018First ever notch is by Motorola f3 in 2006. First smart phone wi... moreV10 didn't have a notch, it had a very short screen beside the front cam, and the main screen below - 2 independent panels.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 10 Dec 2018Actually 6.4" 19.5:9 ratio screen size almost the same as 5.6" o... moreThat may well be the case, but nobody cared that they weren't able to reach the top of the BEZEL.

Well Samsung were number 1 Samsung is still number 1 in sales but Samsung wont be too long number one in sales because they making worse and worse looking phones with nothing special apart from price beyound the roof.

Panda eyes, 11 Dec 2018It doesn't really bother me to much. One feature shouldn't negat... moreExactly! The only problem is the braindead trolls on here...

  • meds

Oh they forgot to mention NO headphone Jack. The same company that mocked apple the last few years. Only to copy it soon after. Wow!

Shanti Dope, 10 Dec 20189 years of success throughout their whole career, only to give u... moreThey are focusing more on businesses which have higher profit margin
Smartphone isn't a high margin business these days

Shanti Dope, 11 Dec 2018To some extent, it's true, however, China always generally gets ... moreiphone is made in china, but it's more expensive than most countries

Marko97sx, 11 Dec 2018It bummed me out when I realized that the headphone jack will be... moreIt doesn't really bother me to much. One feature shouldn't negate all the other positives a flagship can offer.

  • bot!

I thing I just don't get...why the hell all the phones have/had notch in the middle, but once the punch hole camera design is out the camera moves in to the corner? Why they didn't put the camera in the corner before (with a corner "notch") much better location!

  • Stefan

V30 better than A8s
1. surely better price
2. better chipset sd 835 vs midrange
3. 100% way better camera both photo & video
4. better battery for sure
5. better 2k display
6. QUAD DAC - that is to listen to
7. IP68
8. type C 3.1 vs 2.0
9. hdr10

Why bother? Just for the Brand name?

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2018The iPhone also has thicker side bezels and a big notch up top. ... moreI personally prefer the side bezels to be somehow thicker, and the XR is just the perfect combo for it
The chin being the same size as the surrounding bezels make it look more symmetrical and adds some character to the aesthetic

imparanoic, 11 Dec 2018that's not true, if the phone is from a chinese company, then th... moreTo some extent, it's true, however, China always generally gets the lowest prices of smartphones compared to many other countries
A phone will be expensive there if it's not manufactured in China, or if it's a really expensive device, but since most of our devices are now manufactured in their country, they somehow would get a discount since the facilities and manufacturing plants in China were used to build the product

As for moving to other countries, I believe that it's mostly just in rare cases where a product is cheaper in other regions

  • Smoker

What difference does it make with all screen,only the looks thats all,should go for the foldable ones,that makes some sense and usability too, god everyones crazy for fullscreen

Now this phone runs on Oreo or Pie? because here you say it's running on Android 8.1 but in specifications page you say it's Android 9.0 !!! I'm confused

can i now keep it on my keychain ?