Xiaomi unveils Black Shark Gamepad 2.0, discounts original phone for the holidays

10 December 2018
The Gamepad 2.0 features two controllers, similar to the Switch. Meanwhile, the original phone is €80/£80 off.

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  • 31 Aug 2021

Can gamepad 2.0 fit blackshark 4?

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    • 22 Aug 2019

    Is it compatible with other android phones such as OnePlus, Samsung etc

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      • 13 Dec 2018

      Anonymous, 12 Dec 2018Will it be compatible with original Black Shark?Yes black shark just release an ota update for the original black shark (black shark 1) with global ROM that will support this new gamepad 2.0

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        • 12 Dec 2018

        Will it be compatible with original Black Shark?

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          • 12 Dec 2018

          80 discount is outstanding by the way.
          Hope iit cost less eveerywhere not only in specialized countries.

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            • 11 Dec 2018

            Give me a keyboard as add-on, much more useful

              Anonymous, 10 Dec 2018You have been advocating it even though Xperia Play is a be... moreI used to think the same as you.
              I said why not make the phones slide out and tilt the screen, like the Nokia N97. Add four shoulder buttons (that can double as volume, power, camera buttons). And in the bottom-layer have a D-Pad, Action buttons, and having two Flat-Nubs (eg PSP/DS). Front-firing stereo loudspeakers and a bid display takes care of the intangibles. Whilst moving the USB and Headphone port to the middle-side allows you to keep cables away for a comfortable landscape experience.

              The problem with this is approach:
              1- It makes the phone unnecessarily big and heavy ALL the time, whereas with removable JoyCons you have it as OPTIONAL.
              2 - It gives you a subpar experience, meaning the controller is a little narrower, squished together, less tactile, and less comfortable than removable JoyCons (especially for protruding joysticks, eg PS Vita/Switch).
              3 - It doesn't account for wear. Controllers get pushed, pulled, smashed for extended periods so they deteriorate over time. Its a lot simpler, quicker, and cheaper to simply replace removable JoyCons, then it is to source parts and do device-surgery on delicate triggers.

              ....the only problems with removable JoyCons is the issue of lag. They either need a physical contact to send signals quicker (eg/ contact points on phone and controller sides). Or they need the company who designed them to spend actual R&D to fix the issue. For instance, on PS4 there's very little lag with their wireless solution, compared to say the Nvidia Shield TV (new) controller, the OUYA, or say random Bluetooth controllers (GameSir T1s) that you can buy.

              I think Xiaomi made the first step by building the hardware and form-factor. Now we just need competition in the landscape to improve the quality, particularly, when it comes to the issue of lag and battery life. Let's hope for great things!

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                • 10 Dec 2018

                Kangal, 10 Dec 2018Finally! Do you guys know what this means? It means you c... moreYou have been advocating it even though Xperia Play is a better option, which fits in a single pocket. Wouldn't it be better to have Xperia Play 2 instead of this? Don't you want to keep one pocket free for other stuff?

                  Do you guys know what this means?
                  It means you can take off the relatively small L-Joycon and R-Joycon, and they can both fit into one pocket (The mens jeans test), while the phone fits in the other pocket.

                  I have been advocating this for years.

                  This is now the first device to be truly portable, as that's what is sort of missing from the likes of the Nvidia Shield Handheld, GPD Win2, and Nintendo Switch (all of which kind of fall into the tablet-category of portability). And so its a better solution (smaller) than the Gamepad of the Motorola Moto Z and the ASUS RoG Phone. I feel compelled to go and buy one just out of respect for them leading the industry by doing something that is practical and common-sense, and I sure hope all the competitors (RoG2, Razer3, OnePlus7, LG G8, Mate30, Moto Z5, Axon X, Meizu M17 etc etc) catch on with the idea. It's much better than waiting for a Sony Xperia Play version 2.

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                    • 10 Dec 2018

                    Anonymous, 10 Dec 2018still not as good as the moto z series gamepad mod. But at ... moreIn that case Moto z modes are no match for Nintendo Switch. Rip offs are rip offs.

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                      • 10 Dec 2018

                      still not as good as the moto z series gamepad mod. But at least more companies are starting to make these type of controllers, which will lead to more game support for them hopefully.

                        I knew it! Nintendo's competion are not longer games consoles but celphones!

                          Happy to see that it gets the upgraded gamepad as the Helo.

                          One of the things that put me off the first gen was that it only came with "half" a gamepad, so this is good news :-)

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                            • 10 Dec 2018

                            So, this is a Nintendo Switch Rip off Basically, but you can make calls with it.