Rotten Core: Nokia lose huge market share in their homeland

02 December, 2011
A look back at the last twelve months shows a major shift in support away from Nokia to key rivals on home soil.

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  • AnonD-21642

no android trouble whit goolgle, maemoharmattan n9 is the best ,but the americans found off pension are maibe the major investidors in nokia ,so the way is that on the interest of american money and not a nokia indendent this is going for a little nokia whitout autonomy, ,coming soon to be a MS slave like motorola and google

  • Z

[deleted post]What can wp7 got to offer beside those boxes blocking the wallpaper?

  • android user ex wp7

sid, 02 Dec 2011As a dev windows phone is by far one of the best platforms for a... morehey mr wp7 dev ... in my daily phone i need to download file s , a decent i-m whit push (without terrifiant resuming ... connect disconnect etc.)..,flash player ,real multitasking and of course sdcard mass storage .. i have used hd7 one month whit full dev unlock and best mango custom roms ...i can say that all wp7 are crap ...

If you want a mini computer in your hand to do what you need ...go to android...

  • mad prof

biggest mistake made by nokia ws dropin meego

  • Anonymous

now its all about the os. if one os is used by more than 1 big company, then it will have more users, so more apps, because people will create apps for it.

i wouldnt even consider a nokia knowing the ol boring symbian, but now, with windows mobile...i am. its a good move from my point of view. continuing with symbian would mean extinction.

  • AnonD-425

my last nokia phone was the n95 8gb...i liked that phone so much that i got it shipped from US for $750CAD...but, Nokia never even came close to providing me with an worthy upgrade...the N97, N900 never looked these new WP7 phones are just trying to immitate the iPhone, which is just ridiculous...
i knew Nokia would go down the gutter but, didn't know it'll be this soon...
when Finnish people themselves realize that Nokia is not satisfying them & they have to resort to other phones brands, you know how bad Nokia is being at the moment, even you fanboys should realize that by now.

  • AnonD-10196

AnonD-32669, 02 Dec 2011Instead of Going Windows Phone..Nokia Wud Have been better to ad... moreyour comment makes as much sense as a fish riding a bike

  • Mama calling

Nokia, don't be looser and get back to old Symbian and new MeeGo!

  • I Was Here

i feel Nokia is being pulled in so many directions, they need to focus on the present. Some humans can be so traditional and wont take to new things. Change is good! Let them be, no brand will surpass Nokia (yeah haters live with that). Things might be a bit shaky now but Things just have to take their course.

btw, gsmarena, this is not so news worthy. But seeing as you guys only get many comments and hits out of negative posts about nokia, its okay.

  • bongbong

The article looks old.

Need attention?

Where was WP7 when Nokia was not amrketing it?

HTC, Samsung and others?....

They are all riding the Nokia marketing of WP7 for goodness sake as of the moment.

Very little WP7 interest until Nokia came it.

This article is a flame bait especially the headline.

I thought it was something like Finland was boycotting Nokia. TOINKS!!!!

  • Fan N

Only reason why nokia is surviving because they got millions and millions of hardcore fan. they only buy nokia phone no matter what it like, just like the apple fan

  • nicknick

The timeline for the market share results is from Q3 2010 to Q3 2011, during which Nokia announced its departure from Symbian and Meego and the Nokia N9 wasn't yet made available in Finland let alone any Lumia models which will be available only next year. Expect the market share bounce back to over 50% in a year or two.

  • Anonymous

Nokia needs higher specs. The lumia doesn't even have a secondary camera. As much as people say that dual core doesn't matter, it can't hurt if WP7 starts to integrate it. Also, Windows Marketplace needs a larger app selection. Personally, I could care less about apps becuase I only use a few and they are all available for multiple OS's, but Apps are what the people want. Consumers are simple.

  • arm2004

The first thing Nokia should do: get rid of Elop! Ofcourse the MF ran to it's previous employer...
Meego had fantastic potential, but he personally F'ed it up and now Samsung has already the upper hand with Tizen (­-tizen-open-source-project-samsung-will-join-int­el-on-the-helm/ ), who the hell knows they're already brewin'!!!
In the end, Nokia always has their rubber boot line to fall back on, 'cause of one friggin' canadian...

  • epolaris

I don't particularly like the new Nokia so I would have to agree with that perception. WP7 is not something I would naturally associate with Nokia. We all know that Nokia basically introduced us to the concept of smart-phones. Symbian was the king of the hill for a really long time. More importantly though, Nokia was always known for their fresh and unique designs and implementations of both their phone's hardware and software. WP7 cuts against the natural grain of the company's reputation because its too cookie cutterish... Too linear..
Like I said a thousand times before, Meego/N9 would have been a better choice because its obviously far superior to WP7 both technically and UI-wise even in its current state and whats more, it fits what we've come to expect from Nokia...

Originality, Creativity, Robustness.

It could have completely set it apart in a way that even Apple would admire. (Much like Symbian did back in the day).
But all this techno-babble is pretty much pointless as they probably will never consider Meego.

Ultimately, its their loss..

  • fokozuynen

NOKIA try only one, but only one device to be with Android and you will see the diference. Symbian and Wp7 is standard try android Nokia.

  • Realmadrid

What scares the Nokia is support would be supported substantially and continuously and fix the problems?

  • Tizen Takeover

Cod3rror, 02 Dec 2011Nokia is an old relict, a dinosaur, it's time is up, it's simple... moreUnfortunately, I have to agree with you on this Cod3rror. BTW I've seen you on other Nokia Sites (Nokia Conversations as well I believe).

Once Nokia killed MeeGo, I lost interest in them.

Intel and Samsung with the power of Tizen (The Evolved HTML5 MeeGo) is where I'm headed. Q1 2012 will be a great quarter as I'll FINALLY see what Tizen OS holds in store. I'll be downloading the SDK as well in Q1. Can't Wait!!!

Sorry Nokia but you sunk yourself in the Phone department. You still make great accessories though but that's it.

  • Cheese

what would definitely boost sales for nokia,would be to bring out a touchscreen that has a 330ppi res.,of at least a 4 inches,and a quadcore processor.also a range of decent sliders and candybar phones,look how well n85, e63,e51&e52 for eg. sold.take some tips from your top selling phones nokia,and just improve the software & hardware.

  • Wheelbase

To me if you have a platform that's working like Nokia's Symbian - why not stick with it and improve it far beyond the competition with hi-tech features, therefore supporting existing Nokia fans and eliminating the opposition...Nokia should stand out and not knuckle under and join the run of the mill Microsoft crowd! Hello "Apple" did it didn't they?