Huawei working on a new 20W SuperCharge Protocol (SCP)

12 December 2018
Fast charging for the masses?

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TC, 13 Dec 2018why not just USB-PD? unlike Qualcomm QC there are no royaltiescorrect me if I am wrong but doesn't the qc has over heating problems?,also Huawei mostly uses kirin chipsets so they have to include their own technology anyway

Trump certainly doesn't like this and will do anything he can to prevent it.

  • Anonymous

We always need new way to trash our batteries (my Mi Mix went from 4400 mah to 3500 mah within a year. Fast charging: never again)

  • TC

why not just USB-PD? unlike Qualcomm QC there are no royalties

  • AnonF-85937

Absolutely brilliant, some OEMs can barely get past 18W right now, LOL.

I guess the 40W will be kept for the high-end devices with large batteries.

  • Jack Bright

We need foundation for this new battery.

seriously though, we need bigger battery capacity,and it's charge as fast as possible without reducing the battery lifetime.

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 12 Dec 2018Doesn't current Super charge charges at 22.5W?Exactly. That's what I was wondering. Might as well use older one...

Doesn't current Super charge charges at 22.5W?

  • Dimitris7

"New supercharge protocol". Meaning no research for new battery technology which will allow bigger capacity and greater endurance.

Huawei Make It Possible

Comimg with USB C port it would be nice!!

Well and i would like to have that 40w charger