Huawei P30 Pro to come with a notch and curved display

13 December 2018
Because Samsung keeps its Infinity-O panels for itself.

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  • Albert
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  • 17 Jan 2019

For I change, I huawei will remove the notch on their upcoming mobile models. Notch phone looks stupid.

    Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018If there is still no 3.5mm jack & microsd slot (althoug... moreHuawei is selling NM cards to increase profit, that's the sole purpose of proprietary accessories for any electronic devices. You're using the word "planned obsolescence" wrong here.

      Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018Bezels or notch ? Bezels of course. I don't mind slight i... moreTotally igree. That's why I don't mind the design if the Mate 10 Pro. But I really hoped that 2019. would be the year where we say RIP to the notches of any shapes and sizes.

        True Tech Opinions, 14 Dec 2018i don't mind the notchs at all but i am not a fan of the cu... moreWhy not just say, Samsung phones are too expensive? They have Note 9 which doesn't have curved edges. Curved edges are there because users asked for it (which makes the phone easy for one handed use). I used S9 Plus for 6 months and now using Note 9. I don't miss the curves though

          i don't mind the notchs at all but i am not a fan of the curved Samsung phones.getting the mate 20 pro next week so will let you know how it is on Huawei.

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            • Such pity..
            • 6k{
            • 14 Dec 2018

            Curved display will be absolutely a disaster same as in Galaxy S series, Huawei, please, don't follow this way! Curved display has definitely more cons than pros.

              Notch hole in disply curved screen everything the hell was loaned from us.
              I rather stick to querty nokia phones :-)

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                • 14 Dec 2018

                Bezels or notch ?
                Bezels of course. I don't mind slight increase in size to avoid a very annoying and ugly feature. I don't buy into this pretentious all-screen BS. It's just for show off by those who thinks it's 'cool'. l prefer bezels for obvious practical purposes, including front speakers and holding the phone property without unintended screen touches that actually ruin the use of the device.

                  I didn't buy mate 20 pro only because of big notch although i love the stylish curved display. Please huawei no notch opt for hole or teardrop, otherwise i will not buy

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                    • PGq
                    • 14 Dec 2018

                    If there is still no 3.5mm jack & microsd slot (although they will LIKELY use NM cards for PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE) as STANDARD on P30 & P30 Pro, then no buy as usual.

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                      • DLLM
                      • 5Mb
                      • 14 Dec 2018

                      Curved display and notch, worst of both world!

                        Whackcar, 13 Dec 2018Funny title. Samsung's own A8s is using a BOE made display ... more"It appears that Samsung is currently the only OLED maker that produces such panels, or in other words - Infinity-O displays."

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                          • ssd
                          • 14 Dec 2018

                          Huawei wanna be Samsung by force ain’t gonna happen Huawei.

                            Shui8, 14 Dec 2018Mate series has history of curve screen (Mate 9 pro). There... moreTrue. Maybe they might go back to regular since gluegate happened

                              playforever, 13 Dec 2018 HATE front curved screen. I know many customers hate it t... morethats ur opinion bro, doesn't mean that everybody thinks like you.

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                                • Shui8
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                                • 14 Dec 2018

                                Walter C. Dornez, 13 Dec 2018Why wouldn't they? They did it on the Mate 20 ProMate series has history of curve screen (Mate 9 pro). Therefore Mate 20 pro does.

                                They never implement it on P series.

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                                  • Shogun
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                                  • 14 Dec 2018

                                  Please no curved display.

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                                    • 14 Dec 2018

                                    Curved display = bad news

                                      The mate 20 Pro had a curved display, huweis previous porche phones also have curved displays

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                                        • No Samsung Replaceme
                                        • sxr
                                        • 13 Dec 2018

                                        I never had to replace a screen on my Samsung Note 3,Note 4, Note 5, S4,S5,S6 or S7...