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16 December 2018
There can only be one Best Flagship of 2018, it's time to decide. Same for the mid-range and entry-level categories.

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  • 07 Jan 2019

BlackBerry KEY2. Nothing beats their iconic physical keyboard. 🤩

    Poco f1 is a great phone,,, but XIAOMI's flagship is Mi8 EXPLORER ,hence it should have been there in the place of poco....

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      • PhenomenalMorgan
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      • 26 Dec 2018

      Anonymous, 16 Dec 2018Yeah exactly, i think the iPhone is 2 years ahead in terms ... moreNot true, first the mate 20pro is faster than xsmax in a real speed test, check it out in youtube, i dont know how A12 bionic beat kirin 980 in benchmark tests but all i know is that in real life situations kirin 980 is faster!!
      As for the chin, i heard that apple has the patent for a chinless display so they are likely to sue other OEMs that use it!!

        AlexD, 19 Dec 2018I get it, Pocophone brings better specs vs price compare to... moreWell man choice what you pick is completely yours.
        But because Pocophone is available in many countries we can assume it have support everywhere .Also xiaomi have shops in many countries more than 50% from a 198.
        And as i said its a decent phone with no extra pricey features.
        So its not for everyone but for people who needs just top phone without paying too much.
        Try to understand if Poco will carry same features as a ROG phone or Note 9 or have the best of both it wont cost 300.
        And for Camera most can be upgraded or solved by software updates.
        Xiaomi offers MUI to its even oldest devices and i can guarantee you it will get at least 2 android updates along with 3 years of security updates.

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          • Yoga
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          • 19 Dec 2018

          AlexD, 19 Dec 2018I get it, Pocophone brings better specs vs price compare to... more1. Yes, Pocophone have a global support. For details check in Google "Pocophone F1 Availability".

          2. Yes of course, Pocophone have High Quality Polycarbonate Body it means more drops resistant than Glass Body. You can use Case for more durability.

          3. Pocophone and Xiaomi promised give update for 2 years.

          4. Yes, at least Poco camera has better quality than others phone at the same price range.

          5. If you put a high quality case it will looks amazing.

          Sorry if my english not good

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            • AlexD
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            • 19 Dec 2018

            CptPower, 19 Dec 2018Poco is real bang for a bucks. If you think Samsung will ... moreI get it, Pocophone brings better specs vs price compare to other OEMs. But you clearly don't get my point. Just ask yourself these questions:
            -Does Pocophone have a global support? If not, are they at least expanding to other regions so I can get support If I need one?
            -Are Pocophones able to withstand some physical abuse like accidental drops and bump? Does pocophone also invest in building their phone quality like other major OEMs do?
            -WIll Poco company update their phones after a year for at least two years? because if not, Poco will just be one of those phone OEMs that will contribute to Android fragmentation. People use their devices today longer than before, even exceeding the contracts of 2 years. It is pointless to have an over specd phone but with an outdated OS or no security patch at all. You say just buy a new one since it's cheap anyway? That is such a waste.
            -Are Pocos capable of taking high quality pictures when I go to my favorite dimly lit café?
            -How does my Pocofone look? I put case on my phone but I still consider my phone's aesthetics.

            Those are the real questions consumers ask themselves whenever they buy a new phone. Most people want an all rounder instead of "Does it do this? No? Well it's a powerful phone but I think I'll check the other brand". People are more likely to compromise on specs just to have additional features instead of the other way around.

              AlexD, 18 Dec 2018Uh, there's actually us who wants a phone that can handle s... morePoco is real bang for a bucks.
              If you think Samsung will release Galaxy Note 10 for 300 keep dreaming.
              Poco is great enough. Competitors cant compete because of price.
              Extra fatures are for extra people i am glad Poco dont have anthing extra just to keep its price as low as it can be.

                AlexD, 18 Dec 2018Uh, there's actually us who wants a phone that can handle s... moreWell i was Poco fan boy until a Lenovo Z5 Pro GT hasnt been anouced now i follow new king.
                But anyway Poco have everything a person would like or need to have in phone.
                All the basics are there.
                Everything else are useless gimmicks add-ons and features which not everyone needs or is willing to pay for.
                In other words rather have Poco for 280 than for example Mate 20 X for 1200 or ROG phone for 1700 or Note 9 for 1500.
                Some people can use extra features but in case some are maybe 100 out of millions.
                For the rest Poco is great enough.
                Have a nice day man.

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                  • 18 Dec 2018

                  CptPower, 17 Dec 2018So once again. Best flagship is Pocophone. Cheapest and i... moreUh, there's actually us who wants a phone that can handle some unintended physical abuse, with assured software updates for the next 2 years, and cameras that can produce images that are more than decent, plus after sales support on top of that. Aesthetics too, by the way, is a big deal to many. It has to be a package, Pocofanboy, for it to be a real bang-for-your-bucks.

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                    • 18 Dec 2018

                    Yoga, 17 Dec 2018Samsung Galaxy Note 9 = The Best Premium Flagship 2018 Poc... moreNokia 8.1 = The Best Mid-ranger.

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                      • 18 Dec 2018

                      xXENDER FREAKXx, 18 Dec 2018Well I guess u have to go with the flow of how things are g... moreYeah I'm paying more because everyone is scared of change. Essential still failed here even though that at 400$, it was the best value for money device you could ever find (albeit without a headphone jack, which removes 100$ of its value). It's not brand loyalty

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                        • Cali
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                        • 18 Dec 2018

                        Sony Xperia XZ3 flagship of the year 2018!

                          AnonD-558092, 17 Dec 2018HTC went exclusively online indeed. There's also OnePlus, A... moreWell I guess u have to go with the flow of how things are going there...

                            Well wanted go fo Note9. Definitely one of the best around but Pocophone won my heart. Its just shows how manufacturers ripping us of charging phones for high end laptop prices. I just couldnt ignored this fact, Pocophome all the way!

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                              • 17 Dec 2018

                              Where is Sony XZ3 ?

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                                • 17 Dec 2018

                                where is the rog phone?

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                                  • 17 Dec 2018

                                  SpiritWolf, 17 Dec 2018Are you using Note9? I bought my second Spydroid phone l... moreNo headphone jack is an instant NO for me. Just for that, the XZ3 isn't worth considering. But some prefer to drain their batteries with lossy Bluetooth or to carry small dongles you are prone to lose.

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                                    • 17 Dec 2018

                                    xXENDER FREAKXx, 17 Dec 2018Oh my, basically Apple and SAMSUNG occupied majority of the... moreHTC went exclusively online indeed. There's also OnePlus, ASUS, Raser, Nokia, but if you want to go Xiaomi, import is ultra expensive. Though they all make minimal sales because carriers is where sales are.

                                    Also none of those guys ever advertise their phones. Had to manually search to realize Nokia is now selling unlocked phones here again.

                                    (And I got a second S9 at 0$ for 30USD a month, including a line and everything. You can't get those deals online)

                                      AnonD-558092, 17 Dec 2018In case Sony starts a war, I'll let them know you would gla... moreDude, don't spit Sh(eat)sung. It's not defending it's real proof. Have you tested one XZ2/3 Ultra? Then you'll know why!

                                        Anonymous, 16 Dec 2018LOL and you expect $300 phone to be known as a flagship?Lol,it is not ME who put poco in flagship category.