Fourth Samsung Galaxy S10 model pops up, could be the 5G variant

16 December 2018
It's still far into the development process.

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What an ugly way to hide notch?? Usual notches are much better than this...

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    • Anonymous
    • g30
    • 17 Dec 2018

    what about note 10 and what we expect, why Samsung stop infrared option

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 17 Dec 2018

      Bewildered , 15 Dec 2018The European S10 European or lack of it is Imo will be the... moreI dont think so.
      People wont shell 150 more for a 5G phone.
      Only exception will be contract provided by mobile phone operator where one have to pay for phone for 2 years.
      Thus to my honest opinion. Price is all that matters its always been.
      Even those who have the money have their limites.

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        • batman
        • F4m
        • 17 Dec 2018

        i really dont see how this "floating" in the middle of screen "notch" is better than, say, a tiny tear-drop notch??? this o-notch is worse and more intruding to the display.

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          • Kamran
          • U@k
          • 16 Dec 2018

          If this is the real design of this phone
          believe me it would be a kind of joke
          pinch hole cameras and still bezzels does not suite

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            • D0H
            • 15 Dec 2018

            If they are using this design they should make the top bezel as thin as technically possible.

              Xypleth, 14 Dec 2018Oh, after the first leaks of this implementation, people ha... moreYeah, like 50% liked it. After seeing the asymmetry of it, the other 50% of us thought it kinda weird and quirky. They should put in the middle and make them as small as possible

                gohelvishalp, 14 Dec 2018I would like to prefer meizu 16 designagree

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                  • Alien
                  • 3RM
                  • 15 Dec 2018

                  I never complained about the price tag, but DAMN BUOY!
                  You can actually get a very good laptop for that price...

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                    • Bewildered
                    • 3Jn
                    • 15 Dec 2018

                    AnonD-731363, 14 Dec 2018Unless Samsung releases phone with price of Realme 2 pro or... moreThe European S10 European or lack of it is Imo will be the 5G variant model.

                    Europe 4G frequency are similar despite the individual countries will be a limited amount of bands

                    To digress Apple 2019 iPhones have to be 5G read ss 2020 given a yearly cycle is too late.
                    and networks may be using the 2019 date iPhone & 5G

                    Samsung cannot not release a 5G now as Apple would have 4 months of unchallenged 5G iPhones
                    Many people are delaying upgrading their phones in order to have a 5G variant

                    Oneplus 6T will b 5G on T-Mobile USA. Oneplus has stated 5G will add up to $150.

                    5G even with this $150 premium will be a selling point, the 2019 iPhones will outsell 2015.

                      Noone, 14 Dec 2018As far as the present situation is considered , the design ... moreThere is nothing wrong with the phone design, it looks even premium than iPhone X to many eyes (Note 9 is the best design imo). You're completely wrong and ignorant when you say, people get used to removal of headphone jacks. People don't get used to it, while they use their phones in impaired condition. Apple's most sold hardware in 2018 is 3.5mm adapter, you can imagine how important is that for many people.
                      Even if you use a quality bluetooth headphones, that won't replace a headphone jack. I wouldn't buy a bluetooth headphone like Airpods, instead I have a high quality Sony WH-1000XM2 noise cancelling headphones with LDAC support. But when I am at work I prefer using a decent earphones or when I am not carrying a headphone due to its size, I might want to hook in an earphone for a quick video. Apple failed in that field (even Google), there is no question on that.

                        Walter C. Dornez, 14 Dec 2018What are you talking about? Most people don't like itOh, after the first leaks of this implementation, people had a different reaction.

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                          • nUk
                          • 14 Dec 2018

                          at least it doesn't have a notch

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                            • Noone
                            • fCL
                            • 14 Dec 2018

                            As far as the present situation is considered , the design seeems awful. May be one day, people get used to it like the removal of headphone jacks(seem in iPhones and pixels) and introduction of ugly notches.But why though ?! I have no problem with bezels like previous Samsung flagship.hate this design. Coustomers are forced to accept these changes.😭

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                              • rpQ
                              • 14 Dec 2018

                              Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018Ugly AF. Not a Chinese fan but they are doing it better LOLThat's true .

                                Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018I know you're a Samsung fan but you gotta admit this doesn'... moreWhy can't I think it's amazing??
                                Because it doesn't follow the notch trend? Maybe the new all screen slider design? Would it be better if it had the dual screen option that was recently unveiled???
                                Please enlighten me?
                                If this pic is at all close then the squarish design with rounded corners, edge display and camera layout are a beautiful combination. Not a fan of the camera's off to the left of the back and absolutely HATE the 4/square camera setup on the Mate 20 / Pro.

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                                  • Yde
                                  • 14 Dec 2018

                                  Lyndino, 14 Dec 2018Looks amazingI know you're a Samsung fan but you gotta admit this doesn't look amazing at all

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                                    • Yde
                                    • 14 Dec 2018

                                    Ugly AF. Not a Chinese fan but they are doing it better LOL

                                      Looks amazing

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                                        • yee
                                        • n5C
                                        • 14 Dec 2018

                                        yep! 500milion population but we here in Europe are still neglected