Android 9.0 Pie update for Asus Zenfone 5 now available

18 December 2018
Asus Zenfone 5z owners will have to wait until January for their piece of the Pie.

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  • uC8
  • 25 Dec 2020

EZ Month is the brand new application thanks doe the article

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    • Rick
    • j{g
    • 09 Jul 2019

    randika, 25 Jan 2019updated to android P 2 days back, two issues that i have is... moreRandika...I have same issues with my Asus zenfone 5...can not change the ringtone on phone , drives me crazy..and the not playing mp3. Have you found a workaround ?? Asus wanted me to factory reset phone...I said no as they could not guarantee that would resolve the problem

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      • randika
      • Px8
      • 25 Jan 2019

      updated to android P 2 days back, two issues that i have is that my alarm can't be turned off when it's on and google play music does not recognize my songs library from SD card or internal memory with format of mp3, wma, and m4a.
      auto brightness and brightness scale works better compare to android o, but sound scale change a bit and i prefer previous version. looking forward for firmware update to resolve those issues.

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        • Meledict
        • 6cj
        • 21 Dec 2018

        I was on Pie last night.
        It's stable but yeah still has bugs.

        Z5 Pie on my toughts
        Cons :
        - PowerMaster just have 3 option now .. no more 1 tab for customize
        - Animation choice on Developer Option not consistence, if you choose x0.5 sometimes back to default (x2)
        - Notch really annoying if you play youtube with 18:9 Channel supported
        - a bit lag if you open task viewer
        - No more option for GPS like battery saving

        Overal is good..

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          • slam-dunk
          • KiF
          • 20 Dec 2018

          naah....i prefer wait an OTA

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            • Mohit
            • F%Q
            • 20 Dec 2018

            True i faced so many hardware issues within warranty only as i have to go to service center every 3rd week adn submit phone for a week.

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              • Emman
              • Kg}
              • 20 Dec 2018

              Anonymous, 19 Dec 2018What bug? The stupid clock is at the same place again almost near the edge of the screen curve.

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                • Ash
                • fCZ
                • 19 Dec 2018

                del, 19 Dec 2018next time i wont buy a so called premium Asus phone as the ... moreWell maybe the 5z update needs further optimisation due to having a sd845 instead of the sd636 on the 5.

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                  • del
                  • 7w5
                  • 19 Dec 2018

                  next time i wont buy a so called premium Asus phone as the premium phones get updates after mid level phones.
                  Also developer support for the zenfone 5z is non existent not even a single rom on xda.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 6c7
                    • 19 Dec 2018

                    garv, 19 Dec 2018Should wait for the official rollout as the update contains... moreWhat bug?

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                      • garv
                      • XTD
                      • 19 Dec 2018

                      Should wait for the official rollout as the update contains some bugs.