Google's Android Market reaches 10 billion downloads

06 December, 2011
The company celebrates the milestone by launching a sale of a number of popular apps for 10 cents.

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  • really?

hardbass, 07 Dec 2011Only iOS and wp7 dont lag , I have testet all OSAre you comparing OS or phones? Coz the lag is highly dependent on the spec of the phone. All kinds of modern software has minimum & recommended requirements. You CAN'T compare OS by using different phones, and don't forget that iPhone & iOS are built under one company so they are highly optimized to work together--if you don't have an IT background you probably wouldn't understand what it means.
Did you take an iPhone 4S and compare it with some mid-end Android phone and say "woohoo iOS don't lag"?
To accurately compare OS you would need one generic phone that can interchangeably run Android, iOS, & WP7. THEN you can have your talk; "Only iOS and wp7 dont lag , I have testet all OS".

  • huh

TruthSeekr, 07 Dec 2011The problem with exponential growth is that it is self-destructi... moreand what exactly would the problems be? Market Pollution? Global Market Warming? App shortage? Jobless devs?

  • Hirenz88

Going on its way too far..........leaving all behind...
That the way World is gonna Androidify......

  • Truth

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2011What are you trying to say? These news report of the 10 billiont... moreFrom the point of view from developer, what is there to celebrate if you are unable to install and run the Apps/Games smoothly after you download. Downloading and able to utiltise are two separate issue.

How about a static figure to show the number of failure rate for the Apps in the Android market.

This apply to all Android power platform HTC,SE,LG,Samsung, i need to go down detail into respective individual model

  • ThePhoneShop

Thanks for the update, just downloaded reckless racing, swiftkey, asphalt hd, Flick golf... x

  • Anonymous

hardbass, 07 Dec 2011Only iOS and wp7 dont lag , I have testet all OSAll phones lag at some point, but spend 5x times for a placebo, cuz it runs 5ms faster... Its not the features of the phone... it is the lag...

  • Anonymous

Wow, yesterday when downloading an app i felt like steping on a new milestone: )

  • AnonD-24213

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2011Meego is nothing compared to droids... One phone with almost no ... moreYou cared enough to write a reply. And, have you ever heard about Alien Dalvik?

  • AnonD-6193

WOW this is huge...
but thanks, im waiting for my HTC Titan ;)

  • AnonD-10196

We've had the lumia800 in Romania for over 2 weeks by now. I find htc titan better and it has a better & bigger screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2011in uk lumia has not even release yet. iph 4S and galaxy sII outs... moreTrust me the Lumia has been out for a week or so here in the UK. I would bet the world on it.

  • Anonymous

iOS doesn't lag. WP7 doesn't lag. Android doesn't lag. Meego doesn't lag. Bada doesn't lag. And so on.. Bah! Everything doesn't lag according to y'all and it's never ending. If lag is your basis on a phone, just get a epic Nokia 1101 from ebay. I freakin' swear it won't lag.
Granny's using it, Ask her if her phone lags and she'll say "what is lag?"

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yeah right, "in some parts of europe.." what about the rest of the world? lol!

  • Anonymous

Congratulation Google, HTC , Samsung , Sony Ericsson and the rest :). I hope you keep on improving the android market. The market is awesome now

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]That's rich, considering that Apple makes most of their money selling iPhones, while Samsung has plenty of other Galaxy products.

  • abcd

[deleted post]so in your opinion Apple should be unsustainable too since they make all their profits from iPhones!

Such great logic!

If anything all manufacturers will have to price their hardware cheaper. Just look at the PC industry. You can run a semi-decent laptop for $500. The hardware industry is one of diminishing returns. It will happen.

  • Faceplam

hi, 07 Dec 2011WP7 and IOS are the only two OS that dont lag if you have a ... moredude.. unofficially flash your iphone3 with iOS5 and it'll lag. it's sthe same logic.

  • Impression

somehow i've got the impression that they've had already reached 10 billion downloads years ago~

  • Anonymous

hardbass, 07 Dec 2011Only iOS and wp7 dont lag , I have testet all OSSymbian with Custom Firmware & Android with Custom ROM doesnt lag. problem is not all people know how to do it.

  • xperia mini pro

Good job android