Huawei to surpass Apple and take second place in the global market

26 December 2018
The company already reached 200 million units despite troubles at key markets.

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Huawei bans in Canada US and Australia and because of that they face some sell decline in 2019 but iPhone will face a massive decline in 2019 because Chinese will going to boycott apple products, Huawei will be a top mobile brand in around 2020-21

    Not surprised, given their innovative nature.

      I'm not surprised. Apple is continually increasing the price of their devices and they often aren't worth the price asked. Huawei has some issues with the wars between USA and china and that will make it more complicated, but Apple is facing some complications too. I do believe that all of it just play game of the ones on the top, sadly.

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        • Shui8
        • KZ8
        • 26 Dec 2018

        Anonymous, 26 Dec 2018all huawei phones have backdoors to china so everything u h... moreGoogle?
        Apple FaceID?

        All have backdoors. Its all about trade wars. US afraid of Chinese gov to control the world economy. I dont care at all, as Huawei/Honor phones provides the best performance for the price.

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          • Anonymous
          • YQu
          • 26 Dec 2018

          US need to ban more Huawei in other countries to prevent this and put Apple back to 2nd place.

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            • Tui
            • 26 Dec 2018

            all huawei phones have backdoors to china so everything u have they can watch and monitor.. beware xiaomi does same so no wonder usa and others ban them..

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              • ZloiYuri
              • gya
              • 26 Dec 2018

              Hope Apple will fall to 5-6 place next year. They worth it.

                Well deserved (y)

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                  • Arash
                  • 33P
                  • 26 Dec 2018

                  Go Huawei, we are with you.