Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD live shots leak again

07 December, 2011
The droid will sport a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 4.3" 720p screen, 1GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

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  • chicky

I don't know why some people telling this brick is beautiful. This is an plain ugly brick. Where's sony's premium Arc design? I wish these photos are fake. I have a big hope on NOZOMI.. If this photos become reality, i won't buy it. Arc design is far better than this. infact it is the most beautiful phone i ever seen eventhough specs disappointing.

  • DuDu

Front camera yes look at closely u see camera on the right side.

  • kunam

SD MAN, 07 Dec 2011Redundancy back-up, ability to pop in easily your choice of movi... moreI Agree with this man..

I better have 4 Gigs external with flexibility than 32 Gigs internal.

  • Canopus

Great Sony esp the 12mp camera
but,if the display be S AMOLOED it will be the best
Try to make phones with Super AMOLED display if possible

  • lennard

I am impressed with the news and leak specs... hopefully Sony learned the lesson now. They must give it all to sell more... technology wise smartphone sells wise...

I'm I correct.

  • Dessouki

Great, But Always Late :)

  • Anonymous

i want one for myself!


i hope the phone does not have the same OLD LED-backlit LCD(so called milky white screen) they should come with oled now....

  • Anonymous

great they finally have front camera but now they forgot the micro sd card slot. samsung galaxy s2 is much more complete feature wise.

  • Chelsea

Yes, i love it coz big internal memory.

  • raj

never prefer to buy a sony ericsson phone ........... there would no servicing if there is any problem in the set ........... As i am facing the same problem .... no servicing ......... so never buy a sony ericsson phone ........ this is my suggestion rest is up to buyers choice

  • SD MAN

Shah, 07 Dec 2011What the disadvantages if without MicroSD card slot?Redundancy back-up, ability to pop in easily your choice of movies for a long trip or flight. Pop in those holiday snaps for the family to see, rather than visit them with a PC in your bag!

Say your phone dies and you want it repaired. All those personal details, accounts, pics etc. are much better in a hot swappable format like an SD card.

Backing up your contacts is also useful to the SD (if your phone allows it), especially as it can handle the full details, unlike the basic SIM storage.

The point is choice, flexibility and peace of mind. Removable memory is theoretically limitless!!!!

  • Danish

Nice display i like it very much....

  • Anonymous

so still more phone with sony ericsson brand??

  • AnonD-669

It does look good.

  • ZurabAv.

And where is the Camera key? :O

  • Anonymous

i love these rectangular shaped phones.... so sexy

  • Anonymous

maybe for skype,or something like that

  • Anonymous

nfc, 07 Dec 2011you have 32 gigs !!! what more do you want ??? an internal h... morehahahhaha nice comments!!! made my day!
indeed some people want +64gb internal plus 64gb sdcard ... for a few albums and some pics!

  • trias

Harry, 07 Dec 2011No use throwing your money on a phone which doesnt have a front ... moreMaybe you need to buy glasses. Why don't you just see the pic?