ICS landing to select Xperia phones in January 2012?

07 December, 2011
Hopefully, we could be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich hit 2011 Xperia phones early 2012.

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  • mobile fever

I heard recently that ICS 4.0 doesnt support adobe flash player is tht true n i wanted now wheather sony xperia series will support adobe flash player in ICS 4.0 new verison on this firm ware..plss can any body tell regarding this...thank u...

  • Anonymous

I wish more phone companies would take not... Ahem LG, HTC, Samsung...

SE learned that if the deeply integrate their custom software like timescape etc... then it will be more troublesome to update.

So what they did is cut back on customizations and now you have system where SE can update a whole host of phones quickly

  • utouh

i dont think so, we all know that sony ericsson, i mean Soony is outdated, huh.. mybe they shud put Donut OS.. what a mess...

  • Scoop

Bravo Sony!!! 2012 should actually see your cannons blazing!!

  • AnonD-33112

Thanks goodness! I thought I would have to wait until March!!
But I do hope that after this update, Sony Ericsson, I mean, Sony would still continue to release software updates beyond 4.0...

  • shapeshifter

haters, where are they now?

  • Bart

Why even bother reporting? Its over for SE or sony.
Panasonic will be the new underdog to look at.

  • UnknownPlan

Now who said SE customer care was bad?

  • kiba

awesome!!!cnt w8...

  • andi

This is really, really a good news to all of us Xperia 2011 model users. My Xperia Arc is now waiting for the new Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). I just hope that this news is reliable. I can't wait to see my Xperia Arc running on Ice Cream Sandwich. SE rocks!!!!!!

  • jinu

oh great news...thanx to sony ericsson....

  • AnonD-16342

I dont think it will come soon... if it has to come, then it should arrive before the formal takeover by Sony...otherwise ...for every company, when there is change of management, the entire process get shaken and stirred and everything stops for a month or two.... so dont expect anything very soon...

  • Anonymous

Ray, 07 Dec 2011Hello, just gonna ask. I got lost on understanding this. is this... moreA new software update that will replace the curent OS of the handset that a customer owns.

  • Ray

Hello, just gonna ask. I got lost on understanding this. is this mean that there will be a new coming xperia phone that has new OS? or only software so that xperia phones can be upgraded if the user want to.?

  • Dude

ozkaan, 07 Dec 2011oh god damn it i just bought the GSII yesterday.. would have bou... moreSGS2 will get ICS!
it will... coz people will make it the do it!

  • Anonymous

I think you have got it wrong GSMArena. They said that they are aiming to have code completed by January, but had to legally go through extra testing procedures which would mean that users would get it in March after successful testing.

They just put up an additional post explaining the process in detail:

  • AnonD-30655

you go sony....i will never regret the day i bot my Neo....

  • Shadowy Knight

Sony Ericcson is really going to rock in 2012 !
Now it have really improved alot by providing many useful specs in their new phones and ofcoz they have some stunning designs rather than other phones !!!
Good Luck sony Ericsson/Sony ......

  • AnonD-1268

This seems way more realistic. March 2012 made absolutely no sense.

  • arcs

nah its just branded firmware,
Not ICS,that sony guy doesnt know what he's talking.