Look at the Moto G7 from all angles thanks to new case renders

31 December 2018
The Moto G7 will likely be announced in February, prior to the MWC.

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  • Johnny

WHY SO FREAKIN' BIG? I WANT A small phone. A 5 inch compact phone with good camera, great battery life, stock android, and not idiotic expensive,

  • L

The top bezel is thick to begin with, so making it just a slight bit thicker and slide the camera up would have ended up in a much better design

  • Anonymous

The king is back

  • Da' BOM

My Moto G6 is pretty good....but here's what I hope the G7 has:
1. A wider screen. Texting is a PIA on the narrow G6 .
2. A louder earpiece speaker..PLEASE! this has been a problem on all G series phones.
3. Stereo speakers. Mono is so 1950's! Is that a second speaker on the bottom edge?
4. A headphone jack. It looks like the G7 will. THANK YOU MOTOROLA!
5. Finally, place the power switch ABOVE the volume rocker.
BTW...I like the new water drop notch look and rear fingerprint scanner. The tiny scanner
on the front of the G6 was useless.

  • Anonymous

Think you need to swap most anticipated with.. most ugly phone to be released..

  • Anonymous

Design team manager: how can we make the notch look even worse.. you know standard out even on a black screen...

dippy engineer 1: I know let’s put it in one corner..

Design team manager: hmm good but I think we can do better..

Dippy engineer 2: what about we make the front of the phone grey and give it a bezel and still include a notch surrounded by grey.. so you can’t hide it with a black wallpaper ...

Design team manager: genius.. give this man a promotion

  • Anonymous

nik.007, 31 Dec 2018Only Lenovo could make even that waterdrop notch to look uglyHave a look at Lenovo Z5s

  • Tehsin

Ugliest G phone ever.

  • someone

With such thick bezel on top in 2019 you can put the camera right there without adding the tear drop notch. ITs not a mandatory thing Lenovo !!!

Holy goodness! What in the blue hell is wrong with Lenovorola?!

They totally could've moved that camera up to the top bezel and boom, no notch display (something like the LG G6)
Bad design at its' finest!

Arvind7955, 31 Dec 2018What is the benefit of teardrop notch if there are thick be... moreRetro looks, circa late-2018.
"wide notches" is a must in 2019.

That's one ugly looking Mothaf#cker..

What an ulgy front design!!!!!
It was a bezel with a notch ??????!!!!????
The colours are the only thing that are good but the phone is fugly as AF!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

So sad for Moto X series :(
May God give blessings to Moto X series

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2018Looks like a futuristic concept phone of the early 2000s in... moreLol but true af

Only Lenovo could make even that waterdrop notch to look ugly

  • Anonymous

Looks like a futuristic concept phone of the early 2000s inspired by matrix.

  • Anonymous

That is one seriously ugly phone. A thick bezel and a notch ?? Wtf were the designers thinking

The notch + bezels are disgusting. Also happy new years eve! I've made the crossover into 2019 :D