Xiaomi unveils Mi Home Projector Lite

02 January 2019
Can project up to 200-inch image at 1080p resolution with HDR-10 support.

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  • 07 Jan 2019

leledumbo, 03 Jan 2019I wanna live in China so I could get their Mijia products e... moreGood luck with that. kowtowing to the Chinese government, no privacy, plus super pollution.

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    • 03 Jan 2019

    Maybe not, but in term of price and display size, it's much cheaper than buying a 90" TV.

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      • 03 Jan 2019

      I don‘t think projectors can replace TVs, image quality is just sooo much worse.

        I wanna live in China so I could get their Mijia products easily... last projector I bought was pricier than this, even the retail price and it's inferior in every aspect.

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          • 03 Jan 2019

          What must be underlined here is that this is LED, not a LASER projector!
          So price is nothing to write home about...
          Could be good, could be bad, time will tell.

          Anyway, for us out of the China, this news means nothing.
          In best case scenario, if this crowdfunding goes well for Xiaomi, we could read about it coming a year or two.

            wow I didn't realise I wanted one of these

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              • 03 Jan 2019

              My next TV after the LED TV will be a projector TV.

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                • 03 Jan 2019

                amazing device would be great connect a ps4 or xbox one to it.