LG patents a smart watch with a camera

02 January 2019
The Korean company patents a way to integrate a smart watch camera into the watch band.

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  • Anonymous

A pervert's dream

I think it can come handy. But unless we are getting a flagship watch, dont even think about it

Hmm the copy cat company will soon copy this patent.

If they put a camera.they might limit it to scanning food, QR codes, barcodes and maybe translations and even if it did take pictures those will be pretty much unuseable

  • Anonymous

i dig a watch with a camera, let me be clear, a high res camera, that can do whatsapp video calls. But i am not gonna be taking pictures with my watch, unless i find a job in the secret service that requires this :)

  • Me

Samsung already tried camera. Was LG ever wondering why they don't put anymore? Why no one actually puts camera? LG started pretty good in smartwatch market, but now they are stuck with it.... ANd looks like they don't have idea what to do now

  • Anonymous

Zendroid, 03 Jan 2019Great job. Those watches are banned in most schools and bus... moreWell said.

Can't be bothered to take your phone to make a selfie? No problem. With the LG Watch WX ThinQ, you can take selfies with your smartwatch.

LG Watch WXs ThinQ AI is coming with AI image optimizer and more storage.

  • Anonymous

so user can easily take photos of hot girls without their permission.

Great job. Those watches are banned in most schools and businesses. So lg won't be able to sell much. That's why the other brands stopped the idea of smart watch with cam.