Huawei P30 CAD-based renders and 360-degree video show three rear cams, water drop notch

04 January 2019
The phone is expected to be complemented by an even higher-end P30 Pro this year.

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  • Anonymous

I have just been speaking to Huawei representatives, the phone isn't officially called P30, it is code named "vogue" and is going to be so different to any smart phone on the market currently. They have also confirmed that 90% of rumours on the internet are infact just that. False

SmartPhones Fan, 06 Jan 2019still thick bezels ... why ?Because it's impossible to use phablets without bezel, especially with Android.

My Huawei Mate 20 Mobile Legend battle loading time is faster than Iphone X, so the performance is close to Iphone XS. Synthetic benchmark is just a reference, it didn't tell you the real life performance.

  • SmartPhones Fan

still thick bezels ... why ?

Don Hrle, 05 Jan 2019Too bad this Kirin series has so bad sustained performance.... moreYup, a bit sustained if compare to Qualcomm, no doubt about that.

But the thing is, in real life usage, i couldnt find any single apps or games that can makes my Kirin 980 Mate 20 lag lol! The on paper benchmark score sounds great and cool, future proofing, but whats the point of it only benefits on future thing? (Heavy apps & games).

If u use a single phone using SD855 straight to 5-7 years, yeah it will benefits u. But as for me, i change phones every 2-3 years to get new SOC (eventhough its not the most powerful, other new features such as camera, new technology can be used first hand). Plus like i said, eventhough its not the most powerful score on paper, no apps & games can hurt performance of Kirin 980 currently.

Shui8, 05 Jan 2019Its Kirin 990 (upgraded Kirin 980) with 5g support on P30 s... moreToo bad this Kirin series has so bad sustained performance. Im waiting for SD855 phones. They should be released in similar time as P30 series.

  • yee

soooo disappointed.
I thought they'll go with 27 cameras this time.

Which of these will Apple copy for their next design:

1. hole
2. tear drop
3. water drop

Place your bets.

I'm more interested in the P30 Pro myself. The regular versions have never tickled my belly.

P20 Pro was very definitive last year, so I have high hopes for the P30 Pro. That phone was a complete package, so P30 Pro needs to be similar yet better.

Oh and it needs to have the best camera setup in the market. That has been one of the defining features of recent Huawei phones, so they need to try their best to hold that crown.

It looks like a cheap phone with those thick bezels :-/ Mate 20 and View 20 look way better imho.

  • Anonymous

Beautiful, Huawei is smashing it with the designs

If they want to put cameras there, should at least make it to not protrude. If it will look like this, its way worse than mate.

Damn this is gorgeous 😍

indiefund, 05 Jan 2019Is this official? I don't like it. They can do it way bet... moreIts Kirin 990 (upgraded Kirin 980) with 5g support on P30 series.

Next Mate 30 series will introduce the new Kirin 1020.

Is this official? I don't like it.
They can do it way better. I think we are getting a new soc by the way, Kirin 985 or something similar. 5g modem and a bit higher clock.

Horrible design. This is the most 'chinese design' ever and its so cheap looking

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019It is a damned shame MS stopped selling the 1020 Lumia devi... moreI never found anything great about its camera. It had just the 41 MP to boast, but when I saw a low light comparison, it couldn‘t keep up with iPhone 5.

That camera bulb and position = horrible idea and makes phone lay unstable.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019Recent Samsung renders look exactly the same. I am not sure... moreWell this is the best design you can get on a smartphone so far, it can't be helped.
-Narrow chin
-Non-existence forehead with a teardrop notch for minimal bezel size
-Rounded corners because it kinda looks cool and futuristic

It's not that Huawei's copying Samsung, in fact Mate 20 had these characteristics and came out way before all those leaked renders of 2019 smartphones started to pop up. It's just Samsung is catching up with a trend on Galaxy M20 and now trying to set a new trend(display hole) with A8s and S10.

  • richguy1

Just meh~ I was hoping the design would be at least different than any other model they have. Though this is just a render. Also I wish the screen size would be at least 5.5". I really like the P series but now feels like it's gonna be the same design again with different style of notch. Still not a fan of notch or the punch hole camera to be honest.