Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL get an audio fix when recording video

09 January 2019
The update is just 56MB in size.

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  • Jimbob

Shocking they dont even test the damn thing before launch..

  • someone

While other smartphone makers are trying new and fancy things ..... Google is still going strong in introducing silly bugs in "so-called best and smoothest android version" software and busy fixing them. .. lol ... Google please just stick with software products ... hardware is not your thing !!

  • dudecool

too late...

they need to bring out a phone with all the features there on release and quality control the hell out of these...

Google better invest in some quality control

I feel like Pixel devices are more like mass Beta units for Android, they have endless issues.

  • Anonymous

Good to see even the first Pixels getting the security patches. At least Google got updating their older phones for a while right. Just need to fix Google's problem in providing phones with better hardware specs considering their price tag...

Funny heading.
It says that you get the fix, when you record video... :D

Anyhow, Pixels are far too cumbersome. Quality issues, service issues (one guy in Haryana, India had a damn tough time for no mistake of his) and Google remaining adamant on a single camera...