Samsung showcases its foldable phone to a limited audience at CES 2019

09 January 2019
When the phone is finalized, it will cost more than $1,300.

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A better price estimate than the previously rumored $2500. Not holding my breath for it though.

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    • 13 Jan 2019

    DD, 11 Jan 2019No one asked for this. How about they focus on software upd... moreI would love a more compact phone that can expand the screen area when convenient. As 55% of the weekly poll respondents indicated, larger phones are not the answer.

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      • 13 Jan 2019

      Anonymous, 12 Jan 2019OverpricedEarly adopter/make back the R&D investment pricing is always high.

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        • 12 Jan 2019


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          • 12 Jan 2019

          For that price I will buy me a Sony Compact and a nice Chromebook and connect them ..
          (if I need a bigger screen).

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            • 11 Jan 2019

            No one asked for this. How about they focus on software updates? Their $1000 flagship just received Android Pie while my 1 year old Xperia had it few months ago.

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              • 11 Jan 2019

              Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019If they can sell 1m units i'll be a Samsung customer forever.LOL we have tech enthusiasts and collectors around the world not to mention hordes of youtube unboxers trying to get a hold of this phone.. 1 million will be gone in seconds.. Not only that Chinese fake/clones will appear too

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                • 10 Jan 2019

                Alien , 10 Jan 2019Maybe in 2-3 years I'll buy a foldable smartphone. But for ... moreAgain...Samsung and others are not producing foldable phones for you and me for the time being...we are not their target. There are 2 main reasons for introducing this type of product: one is to skim the market by charging high price whoever will buy..and two to test the market to see where its heading in the future.

                  sr777, 10 Jan 2019To sell 1 million units, the device needs to be really usef... moreProblem with Asian makers is that they take everything as evolutionary ones. This is the time where radical changes are needed. Probably, Samsung must try something different and stand out in the crowd (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Nintendo), have strategic road map(App store concept, touch id, face id), create ecosystem not product silos. There are plenty of opportunities there for companies like Samsung & Huawei... They just fail to grasp it. People don't appreciate copy-catting beyond a point.

                    Luxor, 10 Jan 2019Like the notch? Useless but everywhere eventually. I hate notch

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                      • 10 Jan 2019

                      Maybe in 2-3 years I'll buy a foldable smartphone. But for now I'll stick with the classic type.
                      I don't want something that might break after a few months of usage, not to mention the ugly shape it has in the middle from folding it.

                        Koreans also playing with Millions like indosians.....!

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                          • 10 Jan 2019

                          Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019If they can sell 1m units i'll be a Samsung customer forever.That's easy

                            Luxor, 10 Jan 2019Invent first, reasoning later. Its like food. You need to t... moreGood point

                              iComent, 10 Jan 2019For that price they will easily sell 1mill devices. I guess... moreWell i seen and it had Charging problems from beggining.
                              This is the same its not folding its breaking everytime you try to fold the screen as samsung said.
                              And XS Max barrely selling. Every other day Apple lowered production by 10-20%.
                              People dont have money for those expensive gadgets. Any midranger does the same tricks as expensive flagship.
                              For example my Moto X4 does the same tricks as a 1000 euros phone. And right now can be bought for 200 euros brand new despite the fact i bought it the first day it was on sale for 395 euros.
                              Times when flagship phone were a status symbol are gone.
                              This tech is not ready and it wont be ready next 2-5 years. And when it wil be ready it will cost 700 or less.

                                Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019must be a typo, i be suprised if even 100,000 units that wo... moreFor that price and not ready tech as we heard here somewhere right now its a breakable not foldable screen not even a people which have that money will buy this.
                                I am not interested. The phone will start and end in a Samsung shops just as a dummy decoy.

                                  Anonymous, 09 Jan 2019Seeing as Samsung sells over 300 million phones per year, I... moreMan for a well working device 1350 should be a decent price but Samsung overpricing its devices by 250-300%.
                                  Times when samsung were a great company are long time gone.
                                  And as i said i dont believe people will buy this like a french hot baguetes.
                                  Price is too big and the tech is not ready instead of foldable phone customers get a breakable phone.
                                  XS Max charging problems could be fixed by some updates but no update will fiix a non folding screen.

                                    Business Analyst , 09 Jan 2019As for Samsung a million unit is considered limited quantit... moreHigly differentiated product?
                                    I dont think so.
                                    They wanted to show foldable phone and yet its not folding it completely breaks.
                                    They said they will fix it in time of release.
                                    Its same like with apple charging pad.
                                    2 years ago annouced and yet still no real ppiece has been made.
                                    I dont believe they will abandon the project like Energizer did it with a 16k mAh phone called P16K but the first tech will not be working very well and the tech right now right here is too expensive.
                                    Any normaly thinking human wold wait until the price of tech and availability lower a bit 700 euros good price 1350 bad price.
                                    Even a tech geelks and other people will use regular phone for a much friendly price because having something tottaly new doesnt mean having something to whine about.
                                    Just look at the story of XS Max 1650 euros phone and from innitial sales with charging problems.
                                    I can understand that solving a charging problems should be a matter of some updates but how an update would fix a broken not folding screen?

                                      $1350 Is good price, considering it is a new stuff on the market. I just hope the device will be better than the one inteoduced by the Chinese company! I mean, this kind of product china inteoduced is unusable for most of us. Let's see how it goes...

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                                        • 10 Jan 2019

                                        If they can sell 1m units i'll be a Samsung customer forever.