Sony Xperia XZ4 case compared to the size of an Xperia XZ Premium

10 January 2019
In case you were worried that the 6.5" 21:9 screen will make the XZ4 too big.

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As usual.. sony creates another bad design.
21:9 means you cannot put it inside your pocket (actually you can.. but it will make you look ugly. Nobody want to carry a tall brick inside his/her pocket).
You'll have to carry bag wherever u go.

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2019Sony is hot. Because their phones overheat lolFrom which cave you came from
Have been sleeping for 3 years
Sony no longer heat since xz premium

  • Alien

Alien , 11 Jan 2019Just look at the photo I've uploaded below. The keyboard ta... moreThe screenshot :

  • Alien

Tann Hauser, 11 Jan 2019Of course I am not thinking in the past, just in different ... moreJust look at the photo I've uploaded below. The keyboard takes too much space on the display and it makes working with 2 apps in the same time very difficult.
A taller display would totally resolve the problem. I've changed the display resolution size and the DPI density as well as the font size to make everything fit better, but I would still prefer a taller display. If I were to leave those on default, the second app would barely be visible..
Maybe a tall display is not very suitable for movie watching, but it sure is for coding :)

Long phone is loooooooooong!

  • two_times

I hope it include fm radio+3.5mm headphone jack, cause I would love to listen to local radio while traveling.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019You do not get less horizontal space as it has the same amo... moreErrm, no, you definitely get less horizontal pixels as to 16:9 aspect. Phones are getting near 7 inch screen size now, which is just plain ridiculous for a supposed pocketable phone device.
Only way to get around the increasing screen size trend in smartphones is elongating the screen. But the trend is sans proper reasoning.
Get a 12 inch screen and sim capable tablet then, be ahead of time then, and wear it in your pocket somehow, as that is what this nonsens trend of phone screen size increase is all about.
People used to want pocketable compact devices, OEMs dont even offer those anymore, its all just bigger, bigger, bigger...and smartphone market is just getting smaller, smaller, smaller... cause people started avoiding that "tablets in pockets" trend.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019You do not get less horizontal space as it has the same amo... moreAsk women if those 1-2 cm matter or not :P definetly matter, the phones with 6 inch screens are already unpocketable in my opinion.

I think it is more frustrating when you have a large screen but it can`t display videos and pictures on it`s full surface without rescaling, than scrolling fb and instagram and not having those extra 1-2 cms to see on more comment at a time...

I don`t think they will include the 3.5 jack. Every brand what removed them want to push the sales of their wireless heaphone segment. See Apple with the airpods, Sony with the awesome noice-cancelling tech they offer, even Oneplus with those new wireless bullet headphones.

It is a marketing decision, it has nothing to do with the technological evolution or needing the space for smth else and the presence of the under display FG reader. Sadly the chinese brands started to copy it, so it became a trend...

This XZ4 would be awesome with 3.5 jack and smaller screen, with those dimensions it`s more like a remote control or a Galaxy Note without an S-pen, hard to carry around in pockets.

  • six_tymes

Does anyone know when this will be released?

  • six_tymes

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2019Come on this XZ4 isn't released and isn't tested. So don't ... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

Come on this XZ4 isn't released and isn't tested. So don't complain now. Wait and you will see how it beats all flagships in speed test.

  • Anonymous

Boring overpriced phone

Alien , 10 Jan 2019Stop thinking in the past with your 16:9 this and that. The... moreOf course I am not thinking in the past, just in different screen aspect ratio.
Ratios have nothing to do with past, present or future. I dislike elongated screens... and thats it.
And it doesnt help in any way for multitasking or anything else, as it only adds to vertical screen space but takes away precious horizontal screen space.
And no advantage for any scrolling apps, unless you are somehow able to read 3 posts at same time.

If time was related to aspect screen ratios in any way, we'd have 21:9 TV media, screens amd monitors as standard since 1960ties. But we do not. We only have 21:9 consumer electronics as a choice, that very few actually choose these days. So will be with mobiles...

Its just a nonsens trend by OEMs that dont know how else to improve in mobile design, so they just add or change present numerics.

  • Anonymous

Haters gonna hate... comparing Sony to any chinese brand is pretty much the same as comparing BMW to any chinese brand. :D

  • Jimbob

Sony has a one hand mode so the tall screen is not much of an issue anymore.

  • Anonymous

With this ridiculously tall aspect ratio, it won't fit in any pocket. Good job sony. You are killing your own brand.

  • Anonymous

Ali Bashir, 10 Jan 2019Still worshiping Chinese brands? Which is in fact more bang... moreSony is a luxury brand? Ffs. What are you smoking?

  • Anonymous

Mujtaba Samer, 11 Jan 2019Yeah pocophone is highgrade phone Sony is the premium of t... moreSony is hot. Because their phones overheat lol

[deleted post]Yeah pocophone is highgrade phone
Sony is the premium of the premiums
If you wang to know premium from nog just check if they have ip68