Apple loses appeal, $440M patent infringement fine stands

17 January 2019
The company was ordered to pay the sum for infringing LTE licenses.

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Time for them to pay for their crimes...

  • MarcioR

So, that's why Apple overprices it's products. They know they will have to pay some fine later on.

  • Hmm

hehe what a shame.... Now you going to sit-up and take notice Crapple....

  • Goma

But Apple is suppose to be the first of everything 😂😂😂

  • Anonymous

dexterouz, 18 Jan 2019"VirnetX is specialized in patenting technologies before an... moreGive examples

In this case i would support Apple. This Vintex rubbish patent trolly company shoukd not exist at all. The only thing they do is sue companies and nothing else. USA law goes agaisnt clear mind in many ways and there is too many loopholes in their legal system, thats why companies like Vintex can exist.

  • Optimizer

davk, 18 Jan 2019Price for the patents are sick. There are thousands patents... moreChinese brands get away with it because you can't touch Chinese company in China.

"VirnetX is specialized in patenting technologies before and then suing companies that use them in their products." - Reminds me of Apple.

  • davk

Price for the patents are sick. There are thousands patents in every device. Thats the reason why phones are so expensive and without so nice gadgets like IRDA or radio

  • ROmeo

Wake Up US!

All of US companies are fighting against each other while china is advancing and devowring the USA in tems of technolgy, one day USA will realize thats its no longer the world superpower. God bless America

TheWhiteWolf, 18 Jan 2019Well these 'Trolls' at least did patent something worthy of... moreNo, these patent trolls patent thousands upon thousands of vague things that may or may not work, and then try to sue everyone. It stifles innovation and does nothing good to anyone, neither companies that actually make things, nor consumers that eventually have to foot the bill for the patent trolls.

And what you're talking about is design patents for iconic designs. It's not a secret that every single major company, most of all Xiaomi, copy Apple. Samsung rose to fame by copying everything Apple did until they got an identity of their own. Samsung even detailed how they were copying Apple in internal documents, which is a reason the court case went in Apple's favour.

You need to put hatred aside and understand the difference between patenting a technology or solution you invent and use yourself, from what these patent trolls do.

Well if i were the court or patent policy i would fine them once again just for trying again after they lost once :-)

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2019Not a fan of apple. But seriously this patent policy is garbage. The only garbage is apple patent policy is right.

FinnishInquisition, 17 Jan 2019Patent trolls are literally a cancer that needs to be eradi... moreHope the apple will loose and pay the sum this is just absurd that they klost and they want to appeal once more.
This company deserves nothing but billion in fines each minute, hour, day, week, month and a year until they closes and remains only in history books.

  • Anonymous

FinestBezels, 17 Jan 2019I hope the iPhones prices go down.Did you actually read the article and note how TINY this royalty is?

VirnetX is owed about $1.80 for every sold device with the infringed patent, including MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones.

So apple is cheap and cheating world wide

FinnishInquisition, 17 Jan 2019Patent trolls are literally a cancer that needs to be eradi... moreWell these 'Trolls' at least did patent something worthy of patenting, as opposed to patent trolling over rounded corners and colored icons in a grid layout.....

  • Anonymous

klv12gcn, 18 Jan 2019I totally agree. They finally get what they deserve. But ... moreUnfortunately so.
What's this mean? New price hike justified by the fact that next year's iPhone will be better than last years.....
And of course defended by these fans paying the fines off for them.

  • Anonymous

Apple used to make good products.. but competition brought out the worse in them. cut price..reduce quailty

Never truly embraced Apple. Like some of their products but will never love what they stand for.

Tim Crook belongs in jail. He'd love it knowing his sexual orientation.