Deal: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL down $150 in US, 250 in Germany

21 January 2019
Cheapest to date phones can be purchased at Google Store or MediaMarkt.

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Well Pocophone is a deal or Z5 pro GT made by Lenovo. This is just joke.

Kingslayer, 22 Jan 2019I honestly feel the Pixel 3 was the best phone (for me) that was... moreJust about the headphone thing, I Don't have jack port, but I don't have any problem to use my wired headphone. Music is not analogique anymore so it's not really a matter to use a DAC on the usb port. You can even choose the dac you want rather than being stuck with the one integrated with a jack compatible phone.

And about the crappy battery phone that doesn't have enought juice to listen to music, USB-C can charge up the battery wile you're listening to music (you can even have a wired controller, USB drive and a connection to a PC at the same time) So in fact, really no big deal. Just let the DAC plugged on your favorite headphone jack, and a USB-C switch to your charger, and voila.

I don't say it' is good that there is no more jack on new phone, I just say it's not that bad and we can do without. I Don't especally like no jack phone, but I don't like Notch, nor up and Bottom bezel-less phone nor up and Bottom bezel of different size, nor edge screen, nor android, nor i-OS, but well, I just have to do with the trend since that is the chinese market that define it and not my opinion.

  • vasoni

The price is only on

  • mishu_moto

@gsmarena was this a one day offer ? it's January 22nd and the pixel 3 is still 850euro

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2019"no Not Pink color option"Jeah Google named colour "not pink" it's not mistake....

I honestly feel the Pixel 3 was the best phone (for me) that was released last year. With that said, it is still part of the 2017-Present of no headphone jack era. This no jack-less era is starting to annoy me.

People need to remember Bluetooth headphones isn't healthy for us or is another device we will throw away after the battery wears out. A wired headphone doesn't require batteries and does not drain battery fast like wireless ones do.

I'm starting to love LG again. At least my G5 and V20 at least. My feelings for the company especially about their quality control has been up and down. But the G5/V20 were the last great all-around phones for me.

Removable battery
MicroSD slot
IR blaster
Headphone jack
Wide-angle lens

My T-Mobile V20 even has FM radio to boot. I tell myself sometimes that I won't miss those features. As time goes on, I start to do. It gets annoying when you realize they lack this feature or that. I wish the Note 4 didn't have the emmc flaw. I'd buy that too.

  • a Mate 10 user

Thank you for covering EU offers for us europeans.
but this is just way too expensive:
"The Google Pixel 3 is €599, while the Pixel 3 XL is €699"

Just to make it clear: with some operators, even on the lowest contracts (€8 a month) the following is offered:
Huawei P20 Pro: €144
Huawei Mate 20: €216

these are the best offers not always available, but they are feasible.

  • prospective_buyer

That is great news, because I was just looking to get a pixel 3 xl, where I can take advantage of this promotion? Amazon?

Call me when the 128 GB smaller Pixel 3 when it reaches $350. I got my 128 GB Essential Phone for $250 and I honestly don't think the Pixel 3 is better than it except in camera which is an area I don't really care about. The Google Camera app for it does a pretty decent job already. AndcI believe the Essential looks better with better materials used and has longer battery life.

I probably will never see the Pixel 3 for under $400 this year unless I check Slickdeals daily. Even after Pixel 4 is released, I doubt I'll find a 128 GB Pixel 3 for under $400 unless it's refurbished. Google needs to stop thinking they're Apple and stop being greedy.

  • Anonymous

Rather buy the Mate 20 Pro with a better camera, better processor, better battery life, better screen (BOE), IR blaster

  • Buxz777

They have to bring the prices down because of the iPhone xr

It's cheaper than the pixel phone in the UK and you can get a 256gb iPhone xr for the same price as the 128gb model

With that you get a Better CPU ... Better GPU .... Better battery life.... Better build quality.... Better support and updates.... Better multiple device support that even Google can't complete with.... Better video recording with better audio.... Twice the memory

I've just switched from Android to iOS because the pixel phone was over priced and even apple are offering great devices cheaper

  • AnonD-793004

Make Pixel 3 $500 and XL $600 and then we talk. Apart from the camera, these phones have literally nothing going for them. The phones are buggy as hell and have a meagre 4 GB of RAM.

  • German

I don't see this deal on the German site for the google store!
Can you guys post a link to the deal or the site, please?
Thank you!!

Heap of crap

  • Anonymous

still way way overpriced for a crappy, buggy,ugly, notchy phone!

  • Anonymous

"no Not Pink color option"

  • Anonymous

Pixel 3 at 600 Euros is really convenient. That is V40,S9+ territory..

  • Mr. T

yeah google you're screwed up with that humongous notch