HMD Global shares its Android Pie update roadmap

23 January 2019
The entire portfolio should be updated by early Q2.

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  • Anonymous

Scolpa from Ghana, 23 Jan 2019My Nokia 8 battery drain faster after pie update. It's real... moreWith every phone by any company... at least any Android company! It is always wice to make factory reset after big update. It is very common problem with all Android phones. Some programs (there Are thousends of them) can cause trouble when you make os update. Factory reset normally fix those conditions.

  • Joel

How to get update on nokia 8. I haven't got it yet

I'll switch to Nokia

  • Anonymous

yeah, moving away from the nokia 3 as its battery started wearing down really was for the best it seems

  • Carol

Scolpa from Ghana, 23 Jan 2019My Nokia 8 battery drain faster after pie update. It's real... moreOn Nokia 8 comment section you said you have no pie update just 2 days ago. If you received it just now, wait a while. My battery was always the same since the first day to tell you the truth.

  • cozmo

mr.m, 23 Jan 2019Nokia 7 Plus. Still no update since august 2018. They've se... moreMy 7 Plus has been updated to pie since few months
Chek your device!

MNy Moto X4 got Pie today i am from Slovakia.
Kudos for Lenovo for an outstanding phone.

  • Love the Community

FinnishInquisition, 23 Jan 2019Technically they promise 3 years of software support. The 2... moreThat's what I meant, 2 years of new OS support. Thanks. Now what phone would I get next. Huawei's looking pretty good with their P30 series and I hope Nokia 9 SD855 version will be released on August.

Love the Community, 23 Jan 2019HMD will end my Nokia 8 (2017)'s software support the momen... moreTechnically they promise 3 years of software support. The 2 years are for major OS updates, while they release minor updates and security patches for a minimum of 3 years.

  • Love the Community

HMD will end my Nokia 8 (2017)'s software support the moment Android Q is released. They promised us a two year support and we will get a two year support. Thanks for living up the promises HMD. Hope this company open more jobs to software devs so they'll have an easier time developing compatibility for the latest Android version for their devices and a better camera software.

My Nokia 8 battery drain faster after pie update. It's really bad experience.

  • neo

what about "Nokia 2" isn't that a nokia phone? my nokia 2 is still on android 7.1.1

If all company put road map like it will be good 4 all customers so U will know wether you get the update 4 your phone or not and the time to expect the update will don Nokia

  • Anonymous

D king of software updates

  • Anonymous

I'd stop crying about the official support and start worrying that there is no aftermarket support (dev community) for the device. The problem is the locked bootloader and only way to unlock it is to go back to april oreo and unlock via some partially shady way by sending a donation and your imei to a person somewhere in china. Would be great if hmd started looking into what android devices were the most popular over the years (is it that hard to believe that they we're with unlocked/unlockable bootloaders and rootable + a huge ROM variety?) I've had two of the most popular devices of the past 10 years for 6 years straight and in those 6 years i've used customised Android and understood that nexus/pixel can never be as good as AOSP.

Well, I am unable to update my unit (an earlier batch). And ofc I know about the update, but there are lots of phones that won't receive any update. Unless I will root it (and void warranty).

Anna, 23 Jan 2019It seems HMD they had omitted Nokia 2 & 7 plus from thi... moreHello, the 7+ was updated since last year already. N2 is the only one missing Pie. Great work Nokia!

  • Anna

It seems HMD they had omitted Nokia 2 & 7 plus from this list. Nokia 1 is having just 1GB RAM & 8GB phone storage. Will they actually able to provide Pie update to this phone? My Nokia 3 with 16GB phone storage had filled half the capacity after installing Oreo update & monthly security updates. HMD had provided 8.0 update to Nokia 3 in April 2018 & (after 8 months) 8.1 update into December 2018. In India 8.1 is not yet available. Now, they may take another 6-8 months to update from 8.1 to 9.0 (June or August 2019). Hopefully, HMD may able to update all their handsets to Pie before release of Android Q (August 2019).

  • Anonymous

Nokia 1 gets Pie, wow

Nokia is the best when it comes to software and updates.