Huawei P30 to go all-in on OLED, P30 Pro will feature periscope optical zoom camera

23 January 2019
Huawei will move away from wide notches (and 3D face scanning) and embrace the in-display fingerprint reader.

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Original-Jamaican, 27 Jan 2019I have not posted in a while but I feel the need to post right a... moreBut their main focus on P-series is camera and everyone knows it. Hence, audio is just their usual "as long as it's passable" things.

That's also why they couragely "certified" their lens with Leica branding since P9, and jumps to a much larger 1/1.7" + 1/2.3" sensor since P20 Pro (One of the reason why i used to hate their phone is because of the use of small sensor, as they used 1/2.9" sensor on your P9 while the camera is their main focus).

I don't know what's your taste in terms of audio, what equipment do you use, are you're an audiophiler, etc, but since i'm also don't know which DAC chip that P9 used or is it better than its predecessor, it remains vague by your "sound system" refers to, whether if it's software-side (if this is your problem, any third apps like Viper FX offers better than any), or hardware-side. Maybe if it's really, it's just random if their predecessor uses an inferior audio processing chip. Also, i don't think any audio geeks would likely uses their phone's speaker for analytical music listening, as they have a proper Hi-Res headphones and amps.

I have not posted in a while but I feel the need to post right about now.

We all know the P and the Mate are the flagships line of Huawei but of late the P doesn't seem as Platinum as they use to be.

The Huawei P9 Plus stands out so much compared to the P10 Plus, P20 Pro and from what I just read even the P30 Pro.

The P9 series had a newer chipset than the Mate before it, the Mate 8. While it may not have been a significant jump in digits it was still newer. Since that, every P series uses the previous Kirin chipset as the Mate before it which means the Mate now debuts the chipset these days.

The P9 Plus has a Samsung SuperAmoled display which to me looks better than the Amoled screens they have opted for since. Not to mention the P9 Plus have 3D touch which puts it in a rare and exclusive class of flagship smartphones.

The sound system on the P9 Plus is far superior than I imagined...even more superior than what GSMArena themselves imagined (read GSMArena's P9 Plus review). In the 'Conclusion' section GSMArena praised the sound system saying that it sounds like one of those high quality portable speakers. This is the first time I have seen GSMArena praised a a sound system so emphatically an graciously. The last time I saw the GSMArena team get excited about a sound system was with the HTC One M7 flagship and even then the praises weren't as great as the praises the P9 Plus has gotten. Not to mention the P9 Plus speakers are loud and can get very loud.

The overall speed of the P9 Plus is unbelievable even after one year of usage.

The camera uses Leica optics which is the first on any smartphone and the pictures are really clear. Macro shots are clearer than I could have ever anticipated.

The battery life is very good and you can go 2 days easily if you don't stream videos all day long or play games all day long. Not many phones can achieve that even with higher capacity batteries. Charging speed is impressive as well.

I have tried the P10 Plus and it's a shame the P10 Plus has an LCD panel instead of a Super Amoled, Amoled or even OLED. As if that wasn't bad enough, the sound system just doesn't sound as rich as the P9 Plus and to make matters worse the fingerprint scanner is now below the screen which makes it more uncomfortable to use compared to having it around the back.

I have also tested the Mate 9, Mate 10 and P20 Pro and I'm simply more impressed as to me the P9 Plus display stands out more (afterall it's said that Samsung's SuperAmoled is the best in the world). The P9 Plus sound system sounds far superior than those models.

At first I didn't want to accept a Huawei flagship as I got accustomed to Samsung S series over the years but I have to give the P9 Plus it's props. I still have my Galaxy S5 as I still believe it's one of the very best phones ever created BUT I have to admit, the P9 Plus simply oozes with quality and it's a keeper compared to what to market has to offer these days. I'm not biased, prejudiced or a one brand fanboy, I simply give credit where it's due.

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looks very much like the A7 2018

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CptPower, 24 Jan 2019Wireless is the future. Soon or later something a lot better w... moreUseless yet better and more flexible while still offering wireless as an option.
Therefor pricing you are the only useless thing here

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019False analogy. Those are worthy successorsWireless is the future.
Soon or later something a lot better will come but in present era we can really say good bye to useless jack.

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CptPower, 24 Jan 2019Man the only zero is keep old tech when we have a new one. Kee... moreFalse analogy. Those are worthy successors

Curtisjr1, 24 Jan 2019Well Said Mate Ask 1 saint anna and 1kg pork, am comin to clear"hahahaha you really make my day.

CptPower, 24 Jan 2019Man the only zero is keep old tech when we have a new one. Kee... moreWell Said Mate Ask 1 saint anna and 1kg pork, am comin to clear"

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For me, AMOLED/OLED is bad news. I use my phone for 1-2 year. After that, I will use it as secondary phone, or give it to friend/family. I can't stand the OLED/AMOLED burn in, and prefer IPS over that tech.

[deleted post]Man the only zero is keep old tech when we have a new one.
Keep playing your music on vynyl plates.
I will use DVD or Blue-Ray disc instead.
I am not a problem i am just not the one to hold strings which prevents future from comming.
Roll up your curtain open your windows and go out world is beautifull.

Galaxy, 23 Jan 2019GalaxyS10X (or whatever the 5G model will end up being called) w... moreYeah, the highest end model from S10 series with maxed out specs will surely beat P30 Pro. However, for sure it'll be priced significantly higher than any phones released in the market so far.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019Imx600 of 20 Pro series is 1/1.7". Imx607 is 1/1.8" But bet... moreI don't think the info about the sensor size of IMX607 is correct. 38MP sensor with 1.12µm pixel pitch is larger than 40MP 1.0µm sensor, and it should be around 1/1.67" if IMX600 is 1/1.78" sensor.

FataL, 23 Jan 2019Can live without headphone 3.5 jack mostly because I don't liste... moreThere are many areas of technology that have not moved from analog yet. Which is fine...however these phone making idiots keep removing the headphone jack.

Plus there are many many areas of wireless technology that have not advanced yet. So bluetooth imo is still a sorry excuse for streaming anything. There are many ways to send signals, but to me the start of removing the 3.5mm jack those couple years ago was a dumb move.

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FataL, 23 Jan 2019Can live without headphone 3.5 jack mostly because I don't liste... moreNot sure about headphone jack. But Mate20X does have headphone jack.

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FataL, 23 Jan 2019Can live without headphone 3.5 jack mostly because I don't liste... moreThere will be support for memory card in the form of NM (NanoSD) introduced by Huawei at Mate 20 series launch.

This is a very elegant design. (Unlike the stupid memory-stick design from Sony. Haha.)

The primary driving force for NM (NanoSD) is to support future Hybrid Multi-SIM (Nano-SIM, Multi-SIM stand-by) within smartphones. NM is essentially a reduced version of MicroSD with identical internals. Size-wise, NM is identical to a Nano-SIM and 60% of the size of MicroSD. This makes support for Hybrid Multi-SIM simple. Multi-SIM refers to multiple nano-SIMs, more than 2 SIMs. If NM is not introduced, when future phones require support for Hybrid Multi-SIM, any support for additional memory extension will be difficult, due to space limitation. There is a growing demand for supporting 3-SIM-Stand-by (even 4-SIM-Stand-by) among Chinese smartphone buyers.

In terms of compatibility, price, performance and capacity, NM (nanoSD) is essentially identical to MicroSD. Every NM comes with a NM-to-MicroSD converter so NM is usable where microSD is usable. But in future Hybrid Multi-SIM slot, only NM will be supported. (NM can be put in where a NanoSIM is. You will need an additional larger slot for microSD if microSD is supported.)

The price for NM will be marginally higher than MicroSD initially, but will drop once its use is accepted. At this time, all NMs are OEM through Toshiba. Huawei doesn't charge license fees and makes no money out of it. Its adoption will depend primarily on other Chinese smartphones makers. Whether non-Chinese phone makers (Apple, Samsung, LG, SONY) adopt NM has no real-world impact.

Suppose you have a phone that supports 4-SIM-stand-by, but you only use one SIM. You can put in three 256GB NMs for 768GB extended memory. Isn't it wonderful? Have you ever imagined there will be a slot supporting multiple memory cards?

The introduction of NM (NanoSD) makes it possible to have a standard slot with a shared interface such that a NanoSIM and a NM are interchangeable. Suppose you have a phone with only one NanoSIM slot. You can pull out that SIM and put in a NM so that you can copy files from the internal ROM to NM. You can put back the SIM once the file move operation is completed. In other words, every future smartphone will support extended memory, in one way or other, if this NM standard is adopted. Furthermore, many future smartphone will support multiple memory cards.

Can live without headphone 3.5 jack mostly because I don't listen music from phone that often. But absence of memory card slot is critical factor.

jamesschwarz987, 23 Jan 2019They're already loved by people and their fans. Just look at how... moreYeah, but that's the thing. What made Samsung phones great before was the cool and weird stuff. Unlike Apple, it wasn't afraid to experiment.
That said, they're also the ones with the least compromises on their flagships. I just pray to God that they figure out how to use that hole

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Avan DR, 23 Jan 2019So, nothing special in design. Thats bad, they should have every... moreo dont worry about the design havent you seen nova 20 or mate 20 pro huawei phones always looks very uniqe with gradiant colours

Arijeffrko, 23 Jan 2019Yeah.... hope they remove the camera & speaker next year so ... moreGreat idea but its enough if they pack everything under screen.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019Stop criticizing the headphone 3.5 jack just because it's old ot... moreHahaha funny. Internet here i mean as its self is from 1968.
And i dont criticize i am trying to convice people to stop relly on ancient technologies because people like you stop advancing into the future just because they cant say good bye to old tech.