Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 will get Android 9 Pie in August

23 January 2019
The two phones will be unveiled at the end of this month with 8.1 Oreo.

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  • Anonymous

Grades, 24 Jan 2019Galaxy M30 will be launched with Android pie ONE UI ! Chill !no

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2019Dont compare Samsung One UI with pathetic Stock AndroidI have used S9 for 6 months and infact I have used all the Samsung S series phones. Now I am using a non-samsung phone after almost 10 years, Nokia 7.1 Android One edition. From the UI responsiveness, Nokia 7.1 UI better than S9. Samsung has improved a lot in One UI but that laggy response is still there. When a phone less than half the S9 price can give better experience, then I dont want to appreciate Samsung any more.

  • Anonymous

NEELAM4, 24 Jan 2019After 10 years of stint from S1 to S9, Goodbye to Samsung a... moreDont compare Samsung One UI with pathetic Stock Android

  • Anonymous

Android 10 will already be released when these phones get android 9.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019yes .No, they don't. I've almost never heard of their devices being updated

  • Dan

Huawei put Android Pie on the Honor Play 8a, it's a $118 phone.

  • Dan

Dilmeet, 24 Jan 2019Correct, which gets downloaded in stock android based phon... moreThe key is the number of bloatware, for stock Android phones it's only Google bloatware, with Samsung phones it's Google bloat + Samsung bloat + 3rd party bloat

And if you buy it through a carrier, add carrier bloat too.

SquadBoi, 24 Jan 2019One UIPlease check. These devices will have One UI baked into Oreo.

SZTadir, 23 Jan 2019You are missing the point. By the time Android Pie rolls ou... moreI agree with you sir for making a valid point. But the Android ecosystem plus Apps may not change that drastically as you mention. I am in no point defending this move by Samsung but the practicality of this move looks okay.
I do wish Google forces manufactures to launch phones with the latest OS build in a way like Apple deactivates switch to an older iOS version. Hope you get that.

Abhi Dahiya, 23 Jan 2019Why not go back to KitKat is Samsung UI is so good? Wish we could discuss something fruitful but your comment just doesn't make any headway. Thanks for posting/responding.

Dan, 23 Jan 2019The latest bloatwareCorrect, which gets downloaded in stock android based phones as FEATURES. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

Even xiaomi put pie on their $150 RN7

Will never buy another Samsung. They are terrible when it comes to software. Still waiting for pie on my s9 and its almost February.

  • .

It should be illegal to release phones which already have outdated software.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019The s6 and s7 are more capable than these j series and a s... moreGosh how old is S6? They already don't have the time to keep the OS on unreleased phones up to date, much less care about the old phones.

  • Anonymous

The s6 and s7 are more capable than these j series and a series and m series but they don't get they updates

Like they dropped oreo for s6 after a year
Etc .

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019You always don't check your facts before you write. Pie has... more

Man it was 6.8.2018 so is 6-7 months.
Now go judge your self for spreading missinformation cheers XD.

These mid-low range phones get only 1 major update. Thus launching them in oreo and giving pie in few months.. Sammy will be free..

If sammy really cared about its constumers.. These phones should have launched with pie on board..

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The last lone price they mention Still confuse.
Or please advise me there is super amoled Display in samsung galaxy M20 or not

Arvind7955, 23 Jan 2019What about M30?Galaxy M30 will be launched with Android pie ONE UI ! Chill !