Xiaomi launches ShareSave in India, a platform for buying products from China

24 January 2019
The e-commerce platform lets people buy ecosystem products only available in Mainland China.

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  • Caleb
  • DkV
  • 29 Jul 2020

Why this app asking kyc details to order the products

    Hopefully it gets into my country, despite currently Lazada, AliExpress and Jing Dong are already available as a bridge, but neither is the official channel of Xiaomi ecosystem products, so they take high profit margin, sometimes too high (100% or even more).

      Xiaomi introducing a shopping app, without its website? Hmm.. Let me guess....

      A lot of permissions required by the Android app...?
      I haven't checked, but I bet at least 6 required for a start including Contacts, Messages and Device ID, is it?

      While this is awesome, I would rather wait for the desktop site to launch...

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        • XNt
        • 25 Jan 2019

        people, 25 Jan 2019fyi: you need to attach your KYC (aadhaar card or passport ... moreOr Even 'Wish' though it does take about a month to reach its pretty economical

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          • people
          • uuw
          • 25 Jan 2019

          fyi: you need to attach your KYC (aadhaar card or passport [for customs]). other than this you have to put your PAN card (why ?) no. in the payment page (i selected debit card as payment mode). better buy from aliexpress

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            • Anonymous
            • 7ki
            • 25 Jan 2019

            AnonD-558092, 25 Jan 2019Drop mode is essentially getting a bunch of dummies to buy ... moreThen you are a "true friend" who comples him to buy unneeded items, and yourself a damn fool to buy that useless item

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              • Markuss
              • RKn
              • 25 Jan 2019

              If their prices have minimal mark-up from china base price then resellers in India will be doomed.

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                • PE6
                • 25 Jan 2019

                sound like a great platform for 2 of the largest population countries

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                  • AnonD-558092
                  • 45}
                  • 25 Jan 2019

                  Drop mode is essentially getting a bunch of dummies to buy stuff they don't need so you aren't paying. Yikes.
                  Pair mode is almost like Drop, but in this case you get your best friend to buy something he/she doesn't need. Great friendship we got here.
                  Kickstart mode sounds like those online scams where you get that secret software from a janitor who used it to make millions and wants to share it but you have to pay first and then buy actions that the "software" tells you to, promising you to make tenfold your investment.