Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 go official with Infinity-V displays, wide cameras

28 January 2019
The Galaxy M20 has a 5,000mAh battery Exynos 7904 chipset and a 6.3" screen.

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Those are more than reasonable prices for the specs, and yet, some people still complain.

I guess it's true that people focus more on the negative than on the positive.

  • Anonymous

160 dollars for the M20 it s a good price, i hope Samsung optimize its chipset battery life well and dont drain like chinese krab MediocreTek...

For a non-Chinese brand, pricing is good.

X41, 28 Jan 2019Same reason i won't buy one,Samsung site mentions dedicated expansion slot for both mobiles.

  • Riyaz Madappally

Finally a samsung for the mass. This will eat the sales of chinese craps

Why samsung ditched super amoled over LCD? Pathetic decision. With super amoled these phones could have beat Xiaomi easily.

  • Anonymous

This is very competitive pricing from samsung. Would probably look into the m20 for the 5000mah battery and the cheap price.

Prices are very good. I'm impressed!

  • Why Samsung why

"another step down from the Galaxy M20 - an Exynos 7870"

*scream internally

SagarSK, 28 Jan 2019Hybrid sim slot in place of dedicated microSD slot is a bad move.Same reason i won't buy one,

Me buy m20

Samsung finally releasing a phone with competitive price though specs are on lower side compared to what chinese competitor but still now we expect Samsung to be more competitive

  • Anonymous

Realme 2> samsung m10
Asus zenfone max pro m1 >samsung m20

  • Sean

Have Samsung lost the plot again 🙄 5mp ultra wide cameras?? Wtf?? And let's hope these cameras are better than the crap that came from A7 and A9

Hybrid sim slot in place of dedicated microSD slot is a bad move.

  • Anonymous

The prices are aggressive compared to previous launches still not impressive as redmis or realmes