Redmi X with an in-display fingerprint reader coming on February 15

28 January 2019
A poster for the mysterious handset was surfaced on the web.

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  • Anonymous

wish, 29 Jan 2019hope they will make "at least one mode"l for people who lik... moreI agree...

  • hmm

Sheera, 29 Jan 2019A few days ago I read a report from Xiaomi and they themsel... moreLol Volkswagen have just bought other brands of cars. They didnt start to make them. All these names mentioned were at start in there own companies. Later got sold to VW.

While with Xiaomi the redmi was part of Xiaomi and now will be as a new brand and a so on.
Cant compare with VW at all

  • wish

Markuss, 29 Jan 2019This is it. Since redmi now is separate company from xiaomi... morehope they will make "at least one mode"l for people who like to use phone one-handed. that means body size not more than 140x70mm, with full-screen and long battery life with battery size at least 4000mAh and for me long battery life is more important than ultra-tiny-small pixels that i anyway dont see. and with good processor and enough memory, not junk phone, but good phone in normal size.

Another day another Xiaomi.

  • Clemente

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2019there will be Redmi XR or XSi don't think so, it is not iphone

  • Markuss

This is it. Since redmi now is separate company from xiaomi, they are unstoppable. I bet that they can release a new phone every other month for 2019. Redmi X is another series, maybe its their high end. I hope the price is same or below with poco. The pattern of their release of phone is a bit confusing, they released first the note series, then X, then maybe redmi basic go series (small ones) and then maybe big battery & display series or game phone series... I don't know, redmi is now unpredictable. I hope that they maintain the affordability of their products.

A few days ago I read a report from Xiaomi and they themselves studied launching Redmi brand phones with SoC SD855. And that is a clear sign that they want to turn Redmi into their own Honor brand as Huawei has. Which would leave Pocophone as his Realme. And Xiaomi for now the premium. And all of them with phones of various ranges in terms of peformance. BUT each one with its particular finishes of quality, innovation, functionalities, etc. Changing the prices of each range of performance or class depending the brand.

Many brands do it. The Volkswagen group with a lot of car brands (Kia, Seat, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti...), BBK on mobile phones (Realme, Oppo, One Plus, Vivo), etc. And probably soon Xiaomi with (Pocophone, Redmi, Xiaomi and, perhaps, more).

  • Anonymous

LEEDAQ, 28 Jan 2019Wow... Redmi 7 is only out for few weeks ago lolRedmi 7 is still coming. This x might be it or it be note 7 pro as thats will come first and then comes that redmi 7 that is not note series. From rumors it's with SD710 HD+ screen and 5.8inch screen

Wow... Redmi 7 is only out for few weeks ago lol

  • Anonymous

there will be Redmi XR or XS

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2019Super amoled?probably

  • Anonymous

Super amoled?

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2019They used it before. Redmi Note 4X :o)Probably its were Redmi Note 7X have a same specs with Redmi Note 7 like Redmi Note 4X have a same specs with Redmi Note 4.

  • ZloiYuri

Soon BBK will name one of it's phones Realme X for sure

  • Drum

If after add the USB-C, they add OIS together with the new sensors and put it at reasonable price with in-diplay fingerprint sensor, they'll crush the market, for sure. Now that Pocophone is the lower end or cheaper aside the range, Redmi should improve and Xiaomi become the Premium brand? Spread the products between the brands? Or Xiaomi be the main brand for all type of products and create extra Premium brand above the others? It'll be interesting see how they evolve their brands in the future and how many different products they choose to add in each one catalogue.

  • Anonymous

i hope XIaoimi price it like 150-200 dollars or is gonna be crap!

please give the price like a redmi note 7 surprise too! this is redmi! not Mi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2019so they finally use the XThey used it before. Redmi Note 4X :o)

  • Ram

Another week, another Xiaomi phone

  • Anonymous

so they finally use the X