LG to bring both the G8 and V50 ThinQ to the MWC, the V50 will be its 5G phone

30 January 2019
This will be the first time G and V phones are unveiled simultaneously.

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It would be a big mistake if LG goes super aggressive on pricing with the V50 being the first 5G enabled flagship out of the gates, rumours of it starting at USD$1200-$1300 is a price only hardcore fans will justify spending while others will wait for the competition's releases. LG has some great innovations but it's not in the same league as Samsung & Apple iPhones when convincing people to pay a premium...

  • Anonymous

I'm using LG's phone since 2010. I wanted Viewty but my first phone was Cookie. Since back then I realized that LG puts certain unique wow factors in their phones. Viewty had a great camera relative to all other options back then. Cookie was very good in every aspect. Then I bought a LG G3 which was way much awesome than anything I owned before it, it was like a very smart device, display quality was unbeatable. Then I bought a LG V20, it was omfg awesome, it has a unique second screen, audio through the headphones is unparalleled, brilliant and amazing. As usual display was also very good.

What I want to say is that LG phones have certain unique wow factors in them which helps them to stay ahead of the competition.

I really wonder how (in the future) I'll look back at this moment in time when 5G is really overhyped...

bolpen, 31 Jan 2019Not the V30 - the G7 and V40 blurred the lines between the G and... moreG6 and V30 only differ in screen and SoC so it started than

  • exhale

Basically, don’t buy our G model now, wait for the second half of 2019 when it will be dirt cheap or, version 2, don’t buy our phone now because in 5 months it will be obsolete. Choose.

LG - is a brand that wants to seem premium. But they are unable to. Andriod SW updates for Phones is late for 1 year! No own SW updates at all. Limited functionality of chips (like on china's phones). So.... no more LG phones in my family and life. the brand died.

I have nothing against except the price. Keep the damn price under 1000$ wtf will u get by rising it above. U are not Samsung and Apple to pass without any consequences.

  • Citymax

LG V50 with 4000mah battery... I think I will finally have the replacement for my A7 2017...

  • Anonymous

Lg v50 only 6 inch??? If the bezel is very thin then is smaller than the Samsung s7 edge. Why Lg v50 screen size are much smaller than v40???

  • bolpen

LG Superfan, 30 Jan 2019It makes sense to axe G series as V and G have become identical ... moreNot the V30 - the G7 and V40 blurred the lines between the G and V series.

I'll take the G7 over and above a bunch of phones that I own. This is a fabulous phone and the future looks good for LG.

  • yee

I'm guessing all it's left now is to wait for a devent feature phone...
Prices of flagships are getting ridiculous!

Shanti Dope, 30 Jan 2019HTC was pretty much also irrelevant in the smartphone world toda... moreSamsung and BOE also supply HDR 10 OLEDs and only thing they have over competitors is Quad DAC and Military grade rating

It makes sense to axe G series as V and G have become identical since V30 and I really hope new series is able to compete with Note and Mate series

  • mr phone

Raiko, 30 Jan 2019If that dated design is what they offer for those phones, knowin... moreupdates are not that bad anymore. on the g7 for example

cameras in the v40 are good. they could be better though

what dated design ? the g7 and v40 look just like the other phones

  • Anonymous

"...G8 will be the last of its kind and LG will introduce a new flagship line to take its place in the second half of 2019."

Hmm. Interesting.

I hope they've fixed a lot of the promised stuff of the V30, since the cameras and other things imaging things have remained the same and probably gotten worse.

The LG V30 promised to record 4K video at 10-bit color depth with log gamma encoding. It had a superb UI for video with some superb in-cameta LuTs. But the 10-bit colour was marketing lies and the log profile couldn't be further from the truth. Plus the Snapdragon wasn't equipped for 10-bit video and no extra ISPs were engaged, making the whole thing rather lousy. In the end the video quality was very disappointing, as was the f1.6 lens as well as the sharpness and dynamic range. If LG delivers what they promised in the V30, they could have a photo and video powerhouse. Otherwise they're another step closer to the grave.

  • 123

g7 and v40 are amazing
cant wait for g8 and v50!

  • Raiko

If that dated design is what they offer for those phones, knowing their null updates, lack of good support and how overpriced will be..., the article says win by hardware but we know the tiny camera sensors they always use. Bye bye LG.

I hope they don't wait months to release the phones after their announcements. It's good to have choice in the smartphone industry. LG phones mainly are underestimated, they deserve better. However their marketing should be a lot better to get people familiar with LG devices. The mainstream people only know 2 brands, which are also the two brands retail stores try to sell to you if you don't know much about phones in general.