Google OS a.k.a. Android announced

06 Nov, 2007
In the past months there have been numerous rumors about the Google's own cellphone, or otherwise known as the Gphone. As time went by however, the concept around it became vaguer...

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  • kepyas

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2007this plan has been cancelled!bwahahahaha! very wrong dude. Very wrong lols

  • lulwut

Vincent, 09 Nov 2010It wont take This is the most hilariously wrong thing I've ever read.

  • AnonD-5267

Vincent, 09 Nov 2010It wont take off.jajajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!! dude you where sooooooo wrong....

  • Vincent

It wont take off.

  • superstar

may i know how much internal memory it has?

  • Biz McFiz

I think this is an awesome concept! A proper, open-source Mobile OS is going to lead to nothing but good things - and Google has never failed to impress with its' software thus far!

  • brenda

this phone has shab

  • A Nom

this looks pants

  • timiteh

We will see what kind of innovative products Android will bring to the mobile phones world especially from HTC.
I bet that Microsoft is not very happy that the most innovative of windows mobile solution providers is supporting that much this Google initiative.

  • Anonymous

this plan has been cancelled!

  • Anonymous

Carn't wait to see this. googles goign to be taking over the world soon :D

  • Fabiano Arruda

Nice... now we'll have a Beta Mobile OS that will stay on Beta forever like everything else from Google :)

  • Thiago

Good Luok for Google

  • Marwan

It will be good to have an open source OS on mobile phones that will increase there functionality and helps easily developing fast solutions for every bug it could accrue to those phones...can't wait to see it

  • Anonymous

Yeah but at ~$740 a share everyone is gagga over Google so no matter what kind of crap they come up with, people will wet themselves over it.

That being said, it'll will still be up to the hardware manufacturers to either make or break this OS with the featureset of their offerings.

  • fonefenatik

I tell you Moto is a pioneer yet most people bash the heck out of them. Just do an advanced phone search in gsmarena and choose linux in OS option
Correction the first phone that used linux was haier N60

  • Skar

I wonder whats Nokia and S60 people are thinking right now.. Just wanna say to Nokia, "Ooh baby baby its a wild world, its hard to get by just upon a smile girl.."

  • sajjad


  • nicksti

Wow, Motorola comes out with Java/Linux as early as 2004 and Google does it and it is big news?

I tell you Moto is a pioneer yet most people bash the heck out of them. Just do an advanced phone search in gsmarena and choose linux in OS option

  • Issac

google ,,,go for it,,i believe u can do better dan apple.can't wait to hear the launch news frm ya'll.i'll have it in amh phone store..just waitin for the ..updates go for it...googole people.. are really looking for ward to hear frm u..i have already told mah customers about it..they r all very anticipated about ..the news