Snapdragon 712 arrives with faster CPU and Quick Charge 4+

07 February 2019
The new chipset is a lot similar to the Snapdragon 710, but the processor now reaches 2.3 GHz speeds.

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  • Anonymous

do they contain the same dsp and isp of snapdragon 845?

  • 7nm

Clearly 7nm technology is needed to really ramp up the speed.

3GHz to 3.2GHz would be more like it, not 2.3GHz.

Honestly, I was hoping for a more linear product portfolio, like for instance:

US$150 Phone, 7nm, 8x 2GHz Cortex A55, "Adreno 710"
US$250 Phone, 7nm, 1x 2.5GHz Cortex A76 + 7x 1.9GHz Cortex A55, "Adreno 720"
US$350 Phone, 7nm, 2x 2.5GHz Cortex A76 + 6x 1.8GHz Cortex A55, "Adreno 730"
US$500 Phone, 7nm, 4x 2.3GHz Cortex A76 + 4x 1.7GHz Cortex A55, "Adreno 740"
US$650 Phone, 7nm, 1x 3GHz A76 + 3x 2.3GHz A76 + 4x 1.7GHz A55, "Adreno 750"

....and leave the other chipset manufacturers to compete in the 16nm-14nm-12nm-10nm space, such as Samsung, HiSilicon, MediaTek, RockChip, Allwinner, AMLogic, VIA etc etc.

  • Ismail20

Qualcomm has gone mad,they should maintain serial with its power, such Few tech reviewers says 675 is much powerful than 710,and now they've released 712 with Just a bit change which isn't noticeable!

Ok but have you reviewed any phone with this SoC?

  • Alien

Wax, 07 Feb 2019Ofcourse coz you're an ALIEN !! looolWhat's wrong with desiring only high-end products?
If we'd be all settling with just another mid-range product, progress wouldn't be made you know..
We need better and more powerful processors so we can finally ditch desktop PCs once and for all.
Since I'm using a SMARTphone, I barely turn on my computer anymore, because 90% of the things I can do directly on my phone.
That's why I want only high-end processors and flagships.
You're in our way to progress. Move!

  • Anonymous

Will still stick to SD652, SD660 or SD675. 700 series like a rush job to compete other makers.

The Doubter, 08 Feb 2019Still using Kryo 360 ? That means SD675 are more powerful o... moreQualcomm has gone mad, sd 675 has a more powerful cpu but a weaker gpu than sd 710

  • Anonymous

So it's the same chip

The Doubter, 08 Feb 2019Still using Kryo 360 ? That means SD675 are more powerful o... moreYeah pretty wierd they didn't use A76 cores. When i saw the title, i thought, okay... it would be similar to 710 but with two A76 cores. But when i read the piece, I was very disappointed.

I suppose they will release a "Snapdragon 720" with A76 cores in the near future, but this release was pretty pointless....

The Doubter, 08 Feb 2019Still using Kryo 360 ? That means SD675 are more powerful o... moreYeah
It's pretty much a overclock sd710

Still using Kryo 360 ? That means SD675 are more powerful on performance and battery efficient because using newer cpu core Kryo 460. WTF Qualcomm do ? SD7XX suppose to be better on performance than SD6XX. This SD712 are meaningless little upgrade SD710.

only if manufacturers didn’t purposely cripple their old models with new firmware updates, there is really no need for these silly updates.

Pointless upgrade...

This is not advancement this is making mockery of users and extreme sales agenda

So 675 onwards will be better than 7xx series, interesting,someone should be controlling these companies on their production ,they are just trying to make consumers now where ,what if someone has just invested in a 710 device ,one fine day Qualcomm decides that there will be new chip after a month which is supposed to be lower in specs than higher series

  • Joe

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2019What's next? SD 713, 713.1, 713.01. SD713.14159265359

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 07 Feb 2019SD 712 with faster CPU , what kind of fast they mean ? beca... moreThey claim 10% faster. It will probably be less, so no noticeable difference.

  • Anonymous

They not really making sense now
They is so many models crowed round this area

  • Anonymous

What's next? SD 713, 713.1, 713.01.