vivo V15 Pro front camera pops up in official teasers

07 February 2019
Two weeks before the announcement it is already on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Anonymous

bananasunday, 07 Feb 2019this fits for gaming? i thnk not.. am i right?You know what fits for gaming? An actual gaming console.

And yet you're here oogling at phones instead of thinking of purchasing a Switch or a PS4.

  • AnonD-794992

fhd+ super amoled ultra full view display?
what is next?
extra fhd+ crystal clear super amoled clear vision full view ultra hd gich contrast lightning super bright display?
can you just call it fhd+ super amoled ?

  • Anonymous

No NFC (again)? Micro USB (again)? Very bad about firmware update (again)?

  • dan_

Yes. Better SoC or lower price (which I was hoping), for that price one can choose something else. Still I like this device and this way of selfie camera so far.

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2019Battery is very low. What were you expecting? 50,000mAh? Considering the lifespan of most phones with 3000-3800mAh batteries, this should be enough for you already. But no, it has to always boil down to "It doesn't matter if 3700 is good enough already, there are phones with 4800+ batteries and 4800 is a larger number so I automatically want that one. 3700? Naw man that's microscopic."

:( damn, i thought this phone has 6.59 inch amoled display and 4500 mah battery :(

i was too excited about this phone

this fits for gaming? i thnk not.. am i right?

  • Anonymous

Battery is very low.

Go for op6t at this price

  • Hussey24

Processor is the major drawback if anyone spend 33k for sd675 so why not opt for op6t...

  • Anonymous

look ugly

  • Anonymous

I knew pop-up mechanism is the future, it s good looking, perfect solution to notch and very cheap and easy to integrate!

alecs91, 07 Feb 2019it wasn't supposed to be 4500 mah and 6.59''? a little disappointingEh, the price is just right. Plus, they didn't want to cannibalize their own Nex S sales

  • Anonymous

INR 33,000 is justifiable price but it will little overpriced for many of us.
At INR 30,000 Nokia 8.1(6+128) is available on amazon.

it wasn't supposed to be 4500 mah and 6.59''? a little disappointing

  • Anonymous

Will it be available in Europe?