Entry-level LG K12+ to arrive at MWC 2019

08 February 2019
The phone will make an appearance alongside the G8 ThinQ.

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Helbram, 08 Feb 2019This chipset is on the same level with a Snapdragon 636? Sadly not even close. The Snapdragon 636 has 4 high performance A73 cores which makes a difference in real world usage and the 636 has a far better GPU as well. This chipset is entry level and is at most comfortable in cheap $100 devices and is more or less on par with the old Snapdragon 625 or 450. The P22 has a poor GPU though much worse than the SD 625/450 but with a 720p screen you shouldn't have much problem with casual games but forget high end games like PUBG.

Knowing LG they will launch this around the $200 mark which is way overpriced for these specs.

  • Dan

lonewolf08, 09 Feb 2019the definition of "garbage"...and it will be an even bigger... moreThey're not a real premium brand - poor quality, warranty services and software support(updates).

  • S9

Shanti Dope, 10 Feb 2019More options is always better. There are times when my fin... moreYes it is, this K12+ will have fingerprint, and face unlock (without regional limitation).. so maybe it is better phone, or it will be, than your Redmi 5 Plus, who knows..

  • Systemic

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2019Can you buy bmw same price as Hyundai? LolDoes not matter, P22 is P22, 100$ is 100$, ok you can always add 20$ for LG because you like brand (in mobile segment, and in 2019..), but i doubt that K12+ will be priced 120$.


S9, 08 Feb 2019Use fingerprint, it's faster. Those 'face unlock' via front... moreMore options is always better.
There are times when my fingers are wet, or sometimes the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize my dirty fingers. Face Unlock makes unlocking my phone 3 taps easier, by just turning on the display, point my face directly, and get straight to the phone immediately, instead of having to tap the screen.
As for security, obviously it ain't as secured, but it could be used only when I want to use it.

Fingerprint AND Face Unlock > Fingerprint ONLY

  • Anonymous

In an interview in late 2018, the new CEO of LG Mobile said LG will compete against its peers (Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi) through hardware, not through software. This is a rather astounding statement tantamount to an open admission that LG is weak in the software department.

  • Anonymous

LG Mobile is a little desperate at this point. They are mimicking Samsung's promotion method with an interesting twist:

1) In some countries in Europe, Samsung will offer you a free smartphone if you purchase a Samsung TV, or multiple lower-end smartphones if you purchase a high-end TV;

2) In US, LG Mobile currently is offering a deal with Sprint: You will get a free 4K TV if you buy a V40 smartphone.

  • Anonymous

I don't think there is any market for poorly specced phones such as these. The Chinese have eliminated market for all such devices.

  • Anonymous

LG Mobile's CEO was let go in late 2018. In a new interview, the new CEO of LG Mobile has named only three companies as peers: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

LG consider itself a premium brand, and it has been dismissive towards Xiaomi for years. Now LG's own marketing department asked it to make a lower-price model, LG did it with a lot of self-hate. A company like this can never become a great company. You can search LG's interview during CES 2015 regarding several other companies.

LG hmmm lets try.
Here in Slovakia LG is barelly selling.
In US they are 3rd place and maybe best placement among 198 countries in world.
But still compared to outstanding brands as Huawei or Xiaomi they are put aside in shades.

the definition of "garbage"...and it will be an even bigger garbage when the price is revealed..that I am sure of..

NEVER BUY A BUDGET PHONE FROM PREMIUM SMARTPHONE MAKERS...at first glance or few days of use it may look good....nahhh strike out "good" ...it may look "ok" but then it will be a pain in the .. to use...u will be hugely dissapointed..

even in the latest "M" series from Samsung only the M20 is little bit appreciable given the price for the soc (though it has very very cheap build) but the younger sibling is another garbage...don't buy that too..

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2019it was disaster 200 euro waisted - charger bad, sound not g... moreI think you mean unfinished software. The K8 has so many hidden "features" that don't even exist and features that should be in the settings but aren't. Download an app called "QuickShortcutMaker" which allows you to create shortcuts of various apps, activities and processes and view them. You will find so many broken and hidden "features" in the activities (LED notification light, Dual Window, ability to turn KnockON on or off, ability to change the colour of the touch-sensitive buttons from black to white, ability to change screen lock effects and sound) that either don't exist or which should be in the settings to begin with. How pathetic!

  • Anonymous

Systemic, 08 Feb 2019They change for same MediaTek, not Qualcomm. Redmi 6 (wi... moreCan you buy bmw same price as Hyundai? Lol

  • LG K12

The MT6762 chipset is also used on the Xiaomi Redmi 6, except the Xiaomi entry level phones are riddled with ads and bloatware.

If it's priced at $99 it should sell like hotcakes. Much more, and might as well look for a higher spec phone from Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2019My phone frum work was an LG K8 from 2016. It was a mediate... moreit was disaster 200 euro waisted - charger bad, sound not good, ram+cpu slow, not changeable screen, no waterproof, gps bad, unfinished motherboard, spying, works only 4 hours.

  • 6

I hope they now how to close usb port from water and make easy replaceable screen and no low quality prototype motherboards anymore.for budget phones. whit 50-100 euro overprice for new phones.

  • S9

Shanti Dope, 08 Feb 2019"Other safe bets are a fingerprint scanner on the back and ... moreUse fingerprint, it's faster. Those 'face unlock' via front end camera only, is outdated (since Samsung Galaxy Nexus = 2011) that option is there by default. Also in dark, does not work at all..

  • S9

YoloBS, 08 Feb 2019Did the writer make a typo mistake or LG really dumb enough... moreThey say if Samsung can (M10, M20), we also can.

  • S9

Helbram, 08 Feb 2019This chipset is on the same level with a Snapdragon 636? Between 625 & 636