Motorola Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus in for review

10 February 2019
Motorola unveiled the Moto G7 family this week, and we already have the two phones in for testing.

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  • Rim

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2019You don't follow the narrative shame on you. The narrative re... moreOh impresive. Give us the link to those test you made, the impartial protocols you followed, the laboratory contidions, test of noise, dynamic range, etc...

What a joke affirm as a fact a subjective impression/opinion.

  • Anonymous

Sean, 10 Feb 2019Seriously GSM Arena those waterdrop notches are not big,crying o... moreYou don't follow the narrative shame on you.

The narrative requires giant bezels and calling them "industrial design". Because having giant empty spaces on the front faces of your phone (ala Sony) is a good thing apparently.

  • Anonymous

viano, 11 Feb 2019Sammy and competitive Prices ... are you joking? ASUS Zenfo... moresome people just dont have good taste or knowledge.
how on earth xiaomi a substitute to motorola.
motorola pricey because has better sensor than iphone (I tried both)

r31ya, 11 Feb 2019Only G7 Power that have 5000 mAh, the rest have 3000 mAh. 3000 ... moreSammy and competitive Prices ...
are you joking?

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1
was sold last days at the price of an M10!
(exactly even Rs 500 less, at Rs 8490
both 3 - 32 GB versions,
check ASUS India on Twitter or lots of news articles)

but it has M20 like specs
- more powerfull Snapdragon 636 SoC,
- Full HD+ display,
- 5000mAh battery and so one . . .
better (gaming!) performance than Galaxy M20

That's competitive pricing,
M20 like performance at M10 price.

just by the way ...
Galaxy M10 is a laggy crap (with outdated useless SoC)
and Zenfone Max Pro M1 a bestseller, a proven gaming phone.
That's it.

Definitely NOT reasonably priced midrangers!

  • Anonymous

please make good comparison, this company which set where mobile phone in future, please don't compare to copy paste product, thanks

  • dsfsd

thats a nipple notch not waterdrop..

  • Anonymous

Too expensive

Wow already? You think they'll review galaxy m20?

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2019At least it has big battery ;)Only G7 Power that have 5000 mAh, the rest have 3000 mAh.
3000 mAh for 6.2" screen, where the rest of the competition have goes 4000 mAh or at least 3500 mAh.

For me that 1000 mAh difference is between charging at home after work at 6 pm or charging in the work area at 3 pm. Considering i do field work, the two have major difference on my day.
As i now use Redmi Note 5 ai with its 4000 mAh battery, i can leave my powerbank in my bag in office area as i free to move around without worrying on running out of battery. unlike most of my colleague who will scramble for charging port at 3 pm and disturb working pace as i need their phone to be on at 3~4 pm to document their work.

Motorola is very slow on adapting the trend, not to mention being pricier than the competition. I mean even Pricy Sammy now have M20 (and soon M30) who have SD630~632 equivalent chip with 5000 mAh battery at competitive price as in Xiaomi fighting price.

SohailSays, 10 Feb 2019One major Ftw? What did you expect from a Moto G? The Moto G1 and G2 treatment with two fast major updates?

  • Anonymous

if no android one then i pass this phone

  • T M

Now down to one major update?! And no doubt it will be delayed for close to a year. Boycott Lenovo and their garbage business practices.

  • Seal

The reality is that Lenovo has good phones and specifications for its price, are called Lenovo Z5, Z5 Pro and Z5 Pro GT. But they don't certify those phones in western countries with our LTE bands because Motocraprola pretend sell and fool us with their old overpriced junk. Zero effort and work for evolve properly, only profiting the brand's umbrella. That's all. And don't be surprised if next year, they pretend sell us the Lenovo phones of this year, morphed with the hump at the back, without update the SoC, etc, and rebranded. The best we can't do is ignore these garbage and watch if Lenovo is forced to import their good phones in some way this year and in the future. Boycott!!!

One major Ftw?

  • Anonymous

Arif238, 10 Feb 2019Get ready for one of best review. I am already hyped when I saw ... moreAt least it has big battery ;)

Get ready for one of best review. I am already hyped when I saw phrase like, "superior SoC" for 370 USD.

  • Trooper

I guess the Moto G7 Power will be in for review in a week or two, once its (much larger) battery has finished charging ?. :p

  • Sean

Seriously GSM Arena those waterdrop notches are not big,crying out loud

  • Ceres

Reasonably priced midrangers? Hahaha, Good joke. Even better than the notch cloned. At least that ugly round camera hump can be used to put a smiley or clown sticker that covers the fake secondary camera.