Counterclockwise: counting cameras as single camera phones are on the way out

17 February 2019
Before 2003, most phones didn't even have one camera. Now a phone having 3, 4 or even 5 cameras is considered normal.

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  • mqs
  • 17 Feb 2019

The 3 camera line is down to Huawei P20 Pro

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    • 2Iq
    • 17 Feb 2019

    The convenience of a phone camera in your pocket all the time is one of the reasons driving hp sale. Hp makers see the incentive to innovate and improve its computational photography to stay ahead, not necessarily mimicking conventional digital photography. Never in the history of gadget have you seen the convergence of so many media on the hp. We seem to be doing everything on the hp now.

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      • 17 Feb 2019

      I honestly don't care about cameras. Only need one every once in a while to take a quick pic of something. This camera count race is just going to jack up the price of phones.

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        • Polen
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        • 17 Feb 2019

        More than two cameras = snake oil

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          • 17 Feb 2019

          Instead of 2, 3 or 100 cameras,
          They better fund a way to bring true optical zoom.

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            • 17 Feb 2019

            There will come a time when triple camera is the standard limit. Just like megapixel race which ended with 12mp as the standard for most flagship.

              The multiple setup is for shallow people with too much money, that are easy to impress. One good wide angle camera is enough, there's no need for ultra-wide and tele, wide angle is good for opportunistic photos. If you need to have flexibility, just use a camera. The ultra-wide and tele of a phone are poor quality anyway. If you want to take good portraits or do landscape, and need the perfect perspective, it's nonsese not to use the much better quality of a camera too.
              And there still are multiple camera setups with no OIS and poor quality on the main camera, with poor compulsory post-processing. Just fix the main camera first... That's why I like the google or Poco F1 cameras. I would even ditch the depth sensor, it's nonsense, too.

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                • 17 Feb 2019

                Honestly, I'd rather have one good camera, rather than multiple cameras of varying quality for multiple purposes. Multiple cameras feel to me like more of a short-term compromise born from current technical limitations, rather than the actual way forward in the long term.

                Take the Mi Mix 3 for example: The main camera uses a nice IMX363, but the telephoto camera uses a lower end S5K3M3.

                  Two functional cameras are enough. the Depth sensors can't be used by their own so it's purely for marketing. I mean. Really. "OH LOOK! WE GOT TRIPLE CAMERA PHONE!"
                  (Tiny letters in the bottom: One of these cameras is a Depth sensor.) I mean. COME ON. if it's a TRIPLE camera the user wants to enjoy THREE usable cameras by their own! NOT some cr**y depth sensor.
                  (P.S. I prefer even ONE good camera on a phone. but since those are nearly dead. I don't have much choice. do I?)

                    You should improve the quality in single camera first, such as the Pixel series. then multiple cameras

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                      • 17 Feb 2019

                      comparing two things in percentage dwelling on tje same market will always be symmetric... ✌😂☕

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                        • 17 Feb 2019

                        If the real cameras (even a pocket camera) has 1 lense and they produce a better photo than a photo produced by any current premium/flagship phone, why the phone manufacturers do not use 1 only same lense.
                        I realize that it is difficult to fit the all-in-one lense inside a thin smartphone especially the one with zoom feature.

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                          • 17 Feb 2019

                          1 camera good.

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                            • 17 Feb 2019

                            Nothing come close to xenon flash in night time photography.
                            Makers are increasing the number of camera module with tiny sensors..... marketing gimmick.
                            They should invent smaller but powerful Xenon flash.
                            They should apply Larger sensors.
                            Why need selfie cam .... An extra cost...dull pic..;
                            Rather they should use a small display at back to use main camera as a selfie .... Which will produce incredible pic unlike any other front cam.

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                              • 17 Feb 2019

                              Nokia 9 pureview...let's see what hmd has in store