The vivo V15 Pro has a 32MP pop-up selfie camera and 48MP triple rear camera

20 February 2019
The notchless 6.39" Super AMOLED screen with an in-display fingerprint reader make this almost a NEX phone. 

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Since Galaxy S2 I switch my phones every 2 years. So I had S2, S4, Galaxy Alpha, S6 Edge , Galaxy S8 and .... I want buy Galaxy S10 why?

In overall phone is grate. Under display fingerprint scanner, new awesome camera, big battery, super fast processor, big memory, The almost best screen on the market( I was hoping a little for the 90-120hz refresh rate). One could say a perfect smartphone. But for me, for some one who is looking for a multimedia device a device that should give you the best possible experience in watching movies, reading books, playing games, any form of notch is not acceptable! Punch hole is for me another notch implementation, it is a "flowing notch" a scar, a crack, a flaw on the screen and something which spoils totally grate design of this phone. What is funny Samsung know's this too and that is why all new wallpapers are trying to hide it. Why you are not proud? Why you are not highlighting your new technology, new "feature" your new revolutionary technology to... cut... a...hole...

I am sad, I am angry I am disappointed...

Where is Samsung Dex? Where is Linux on Dex? Where is Gear Vr? Where is your innovation Samsung?

Looks really good, except the fact that it's using a micro USB port (like come on! It's time to move on already). Besides, who the heck would use the 5MP depth sensor for AI body shaping? It sounds really weird to be honest

  • Anonymous

Probably the best looking phone I've ever seen, and that's coming from the mate 20 pro!

It should be illegal to have a phone with Micro USB at this time, let alone a phone that's a upper mid-ranger. I know I sound a bit harsh, but even if it were a galaxy s10, if ANY phone doesn't have USB C (or at least wireless charging to make up for it), then it's a instakill

RaviSS, 20 Feb 2019Good phone, but that microUSB is a big turn off.Agreed. They should've just put USB C

  • Anonymous

Syel, 20 Feb 2019Wow vivo is back with a bang with that pricing! Will defini... moreLG G7 is similarly priced in India.
See it before buying V15 Pro.

  • Anonymous

I consider this phone is much better than the S10 when It comes to the idea of the design.

Wow vivo is back with a bang with that pricing! Will definitely go for it!

Good phone, but that microUSB is a big turn off.

  • XiaomiManiac

I wish Xiaomi had exactly the same device - no notch, SD675,NFC and Amoled. Maybe I will switch to this one as I am tired of waiting to Xiaomi do the great midrange phone

  • Anonymous

Will it be available in Europe?

  • Anonymous

Go for LG G7 ThinQ that is INR 27,999 on Flipkart till 23rd Feb which is way better than this device except battery capacity

  • sj643

its micro usb, not type c.
thats the only reason i backed off

  • Anonymous

Come on.. is it so expensive to put a usb type C? Even Redmi Note 7 is already using type C

Micro usb confirmed via product images!

  • Syn

It uses a micro-USB, unboxing videos in YouTube already showed that, so pls correct it.

  • Anonymous

No usb c
It's micro usb

i think that you might have missed the word combination "with a dedicated microSD slot up to 256GB" (based on official specification from vivo)

  • Stranger

That's nice looking phone. Thanks to Huawei now everyone is adopting the trend and stepping up Triple cameras with high end sensors , Night mode, Gradient finish. heard s10 will have reverse wireless charging as well. cant wait to see how the p30 pro will be

  • Rajat

It's really enviable at that price. Looking forward to reviews on the software end of things.