Nokia N82 live pictures leaked

07 Nov, 2007
Live pictures of what seems to be the most impatiently awaited phone recently leaked on the website. This is the largest leakage of information about Nokia N82 the first 5 megapixel...

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  • Yuszero

Candy bar are still in Nokia tradition(which is more to N73).But the keypad are more like to SE P910i. Too small...

  • J.P

C'mon nokia,you can do better with the keypad design.This latest offering looks like a rush job to get it out on the market.Yes it has a 5 megapixel camera,so does the N95 and is way more attractive than this latest phone.

  • Anonymous

is bad!! very bad!! compare to any nokia n is bad!! the only think i like on this phone is the 5 megapixel camera the design is too ugly!! guys maybe is one sketch the first form?? maybe change to the next sketch?? who knows:D kidding:D so vote is 1/30

  • sameh

yes..ugly design.. I'm shocked.. it's not nokia design for sure

  • Imaad.S

Totally Unimpressive.This ain't nokia.Seems like some chinese invention.
In a nutshell it screwed up the N-Series of nokia, no offence.


  • Anonymous

i am not a fan of nokia anymore due to the software they use... on every single phone this has caused problems
also this quote" the first 5 megapixel cameraphone with xenon flash" well the Samsung G800 which is relased on o2 this month is a 5MP camera with Xenon Flash ???!!

  • Anonymous

How funny SE fanboys are! Saw blurry spy pics and says the N82 is ugly. Are you all 10 years old children or what?

  • luv_nokia

OMG...!!! what an ugly design... Gosh! What happened to the creative minds of nokia???

  • Kal


I'm not a SE fan that I have to stick to SE..if you have eyes you must have noticed that this looks like SE candybar phone, and quite diffent from other Nokias. I've mentioned that only.


  • technoman

Duh... the keypad design is not that comfortable.. too small, too narrow! Sony Ericsson K850 and Nokia N95 are much better... what a waste of money if you'll buy this phone...

  • Adeel Bin khalid

Hi, i like this design because it is bit different form other NOKIA mobile at recent slot. Other things i like the back cover and camera adjustment reason set done on diet and recallN73 cover losses a bit which makes a haze in battery cover. Auto screen rotation is also available not for specific application but for all N all. XENON flash is bigger which make a count screen size is larger and bigger also. 3.5 mm jack and micro USB (if i am not mistaking) with charging facility and list goes on and ON.

  • ChuckNorris

THIS IS A COPY of SE candy bar phones. THIS A SHAME!!!

IF you want to copy the great SE phones.. at least you should make it better. BUT this copy is ugly and pathetic!!!

damn ugly

  • Huo


what makes you think SE able or willing to do that until this level? cant you see the SE latest mobile (W890, K660, W380, K630, K770), that's the name of shame.....same feature, less design enhance....stick with your SE dude

  • Anonymous

What is the point of adding megapixels in the phone ? No matter how good the handset's camera performance and functionality it still can not match with normal digital cameras.

  • Anonymous

how could this be a SE phone? there are no SE phone that can match the N82 specs? can u name one?

  • Kal

oh yeh and you forgot to mention.. by integrating all these, now it looks more like a SE phone.

  • Huo

haha, i can predict this will be probably the greatest mobile for 2008. now N82 is integrate almost few N-series feature and converge into 1

- (integrate with N81) see the D-pad, is absorb from n81 feature, which is the coolest D-pad among N-series, i believe all n81 user realize about that, where you twist your thumb to function the select option

- (integrate with N95) complement with N95/8gb camera feature, 5mp + xenon flash, 30fps video recording (its think even better with the lens cover and xenon)

- (integrate with N73) candy bar, which is the most usable design compare to slide, twist and fold design. and the battery stand by life is 340++ hours, which is almost competible as n73

- (integrate with N91) the numeric key, middle size, i dont think this is the bad idea

the last hound which is the design it self, nokia had its own style, so i still confident with the design, where the current show is not the final figure

  • punisher3333

ur r right sea is ...kinda DEJA VU..

  • Anonymous

.. too bad this phone looks disgusting..

  • Anonymous

I really like the candy bar style of this phone, i like the chrome color too! Lens cover and Xenon flash and all the N95 specs included. I didn't like the N95 brick size and the ugly keypad. The N82 is perfect for what i need, i want one now!!!