Nokia 2.1 with 1 GB RAM gets Android Pie Go

21 February 2019
It's an Android Go smartphone that was launched last year in May with Android Oreo (Go Edition).

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  • 19 Mar 2019


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    • 24 Feb 2019

    aTrueBbLover, 22 Feb 2019No body buys these smartphone today. The comment box says t... moreOfcourse They buy! The most highend users of these phones make phone calls, send text messages, even take picture a couple of times during a year. Same may even read www Pages, but those Are very small minority.
    Very good phone to that usage profile! Cheap, good updates so more secure than most other models and do everything that is needed.
    In these forums most people do more with their phones, so They prefer something beefier. But normal customer... most likely put too much money to their phones compared what They really do with that phone!

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      • 24 Feb 2019

      Xiaomi Redmi 6A in much better than this nokia 2.1 also Nokia 3.1

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        • 23 Feb 2019

        Anna, 22 Feb 2019When Nokia was charging 1.5 times price for their handsets ... moreIts not that much difficult, because they use (in all phones) Launcher3, similar to stock Android, they don't have own custom skin (like Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, Honor...etc) YET.
        Just saying.

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          • 22 Feb 2019

          Gary, 22 Feb 2019Nokia the best with updatesIf it comes to android, that's true. But Apple is still much better.

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            • 22 Feb 2019

            Nokia the best with updates

              Great to be a Nokia 2.1 owner

                mehtasameer2087, 22 Feb 2019At least they are keeping the promise and older handsets ar... moredon't know about oppo and vivo, but Xiaomi provides at least one android update to all their phones including budget devices....for example Redmi 5A launched with nougat and received oreo recently...Xiaomi also provides nearly two years of miui updates to their phones..
                Realme , an oppo offspring launched all their devices on oreo and has promised to give pie update to all these devices by March 2019 and security updates for two years..
                xiaomi & Realme rely on their heavily customised rom updates instead of android updates..

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                  • 22 Feb 2019

                  When Nokia was charging 1.5 times price for their handsets with similar specifications from competitors, everybody was blaming Nokia & appreciating those other brands for lower prices. How many of those brands bother to provide monthly security updates, forget OS updates? You have to pay that extra price for regular updates.
                  Nokia had launched around 15 android phones with different specifications & price in last 2-3 years. It's difficult to provide timely updates to all of those handsets. Still they are keeping their promise with little delay.

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                    • 22 Feb 2019

                    mehtasameer2087, 22 Feb 2019Add Samsung to that list tooMost of Samsung mid range phones launch last year will get Android pie in April. So yeah its good adding the fact it comes with new one ui.

                      Add Samsung to that list too

                        At least they are keeping the promise and older handsets are receiving the new os,how many opposite and vivos ,and xaiomi received pie from last 2 years handsets,instead of trying to pinpoint what's left try to be positive or better don't mention it

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                          • 22 Feb 2019

                          No body buys these smartphone today. The comment box says the rest.