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21 February 2019
We will be posting photos of the latest phones from the MWC as we go about reviewing them.

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Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019What about the @gsmarenaofficial account? You guys seem to... moreThis account has nothing to do with us, sorry.

Done! Can't wait for the MWC exclucive content.

  • Chan Abbasi


  • Prabhat

Welcome to Instagram!!

Good expansion GSM Arena team. Congrats! My suggestion would be to get your Instagram account certified so that we will know that you are the official account for this site. Best regards.

Thanks but no thanks. Instagram has gotten worse and since Facebook owns it, well... Just no. I will keep it with this website only.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019We're nerds, we're not on InstagramMost of the people who visit this site are geeks not nerds.

  • Arawes

Maybe we get to see more pics of Angie :)

  • alemano

I don't use instagram. If you stop putting sufficient content on the website, I will look somewhere else.

Too bad I don't use Instagram but as long as your account is public those who don't have IG can keep up too

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena are now instagram thots

  • Anonymous

we need to see Angie behind the scene.

  • AnonD-797904

Please don't make your account private so that everyone will be able to see the posted pictures with or without creating an IG account.


Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019We're nerds, we're not on InstagramThat's is Absolutely Correct. Hahaha :D

hell no, I would rather watch you on 2G Nokia phone with 64k screen than on Instagram...

  • Anonymous

What about the @gsmarenaofficial account?
You guys seem to be posting quite rarely on it.

  • Anonymous

We're nerds, we're not on Instagram

Sounds interesting, but why Instagram of all options? We always hear about shady and deceptive Facebook practices, along with a ton of privacy issues. You guys should have used a platform that isn't, well, Facebook-y.

  • AnonD-415644