Nokia 6.1 Plus now available with 6 GB RAM

23 February 2019
Until now, it was only available with 4 GB RAM.

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  • Gurjit singh


  • Raj


Arif238, 23 Feb 2019I personally wanna meet the person who is gonna buy this ph... moreI would buy it.. it's not that bad, it's equivalent to Rp 3,600,000.00 here in Indonesia, similar to the price Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 6 GB variant..

that pricing is one in India is going to buy that with pocos and zenfones available at that or even lower prices..

..and quality, trust blah blah isn't going to be an excuse for that price in 2019..

.. the only liking I had for this phone is how compact one handed build it has in a time of ever growing phablets...could have at least stuffed in 500mah more (3500mah overall) and priced competitively..

When will it arrive in Indonesia?

  • bug

Anna, 24 Feb 2019Buyers are paying premium price for Nokia handsets over oth... moreWhat do you mean premium? Besides cheap Chinese phones with basically no support, where can you get better specs for this kind of money? Or where can you get the same specs for less?

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2019But this one has Android one- androidone - is just a branding ...
(to bring more cash for Gooogle).
Nothing is guaranteed.

Check for update-story on Xiaomi Mi A2 f.e.

  • Kalpesh

Please note, The company is a big cheat, They use sub standard products, Almost all their phones have manufacturing defects and internet is flooded with complaints but instead of repairing it free they are cheating and charging customers with excuses such a liquid damage etc. Their customer service is pathetic and absolutely rude. Never ever buy Nokia. This company should shut down

  • Anna

Buyers are paying premium price for Nokia handsets over other brands only for timely security & OS updates. Nokia had launched around 15 android phones with different specifications. But now they are unable to manage so many phones.
Nokia 3 not yet got 8.1 update in India & still stuck on Oreo 8.0. Nokia 3.1 is not getting monthly security updates regularly. Nokia 3.1 Plus not yet got Pie update. Nokia should seriously stop launching new phones with Mediatek processors now.

  • Nokia.Fan

Worst phone anyone can buy, it has got lot of issues. Even service centers are too bad. They leave lot of scratches after repair. Nokia doesn't seems to care about customers. Not at all reliable phone.

  • Anonymous

D Nokia king iz killing it

  • Anonymous

I offered the 4gb version to my wife. Excellent value for money and the phone is more sturdy than you might expect.

  • Anonymous

viano, 23 Feb 2019Of course they had to launch the 6 GB RAM variant, but i... moreBut this one has Android one

increase battery capacity too

Of course they had to launch the 6 GB RAM variant,
but it's to late ... and

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 was available with 6 GB of RAM for ages
(in last sales at Rs. 12499 !!)
and with this nearly 50% higher price tag HMD has not much chance.

The 6 GB version of MPM1 has upgraded cameras
(exactly the same set-up as the Nokia has)
and much bigger 5000mAh battery,
runs stock Android,
hasn't got Pie yet, but ASUS started Beta-program in India.

Even the newer Zenfone Max Pro M2 (ZB630KL)
with Snapdragon 660 has a better price, than the 6.1 Plus
(last sale at Rs. 15990)

Redmi phones have similar prices in IN
and Galaxy M serie has started as well ...
not much place remains on market.

but HMD still tries with that joke prices.

To everyone who is offended and telling me trust and all those hoopla about this phone.
Let me tell you my friend bought this phone 4/64 gb variant for 13k during sale last year for that price it was a good phone. But in 2019 and with that 18k price tag you guys are just nostalgic sheep.
You talk about durability Asus zenfone max pro M2 has Gorilla glass 6 and rest the specs you must be knowing because Nokia 6.1plus with that price tag don't stand a chance. Don't tell me that Nokia got quality tell me what quality stuff it has and specifically and be technical about it. Don't just say it for the sake of saying.

Nyc. Hope they reach three figures in terms of sale.

  • Anonymous

Arif238, 23 Feb 2019I personally wanna meet the person who is gonna buy this ph... moreyes you can meet me we will compare a Nokia phone with your so called smartphone of any xyz brand.

  • Anonymous

Arif238, 23 Feb 2019Why would you buy this phone for INR 18499 over Asus zenfon... moredue to One Word: "TRUST" on every aspects durability, updates, true hardware etc

I have the 4GB variant which costed around 15K but 18.5K for 6GB is completely ridiculous !!! Although its a very good smartphone and always gimme a premium feel bcoz of its glass back !