Oppo's upcoming flagship to feature Snapdragon 855 and 5G connectivity

21 February 2019
Perhaps it's the same phone as the teased triple-camera 10x zoom handset.

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But what with this awful color os? Any improvement planned? There is no need using 5g/10x zoom in an os that just won't let apps work...

    5G Cloud Gaming huh, thanks to 5G's low latency. Sure, we'll see how it turns out sooner or later

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      • 23 Feb 2019

      Walter C. Dornez, 23 Feb 2019In all honesty, I wonder how the first 5G phones will perfo... moreI bet it even slower. The technology is expensive both for consumer and provider, it had lot's of drawback and need a lot of work around(thing like limited range, finicky bandwidth switching and require a home 5G Hub), etc. So the cloud gaming for phone in Oppo dream is still years ahead considering service provider need to consider adoption less develop market

        [deleted post]Hahaha, whatever they are smoking it's dope. :D

          In all honesty, I wonder how the first 5G phones will perform. Will they be as bad as when 4G was being adopted? Or has the tech matured enough to deliver on it's claims?

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            • 23 Feb 2019

            Good pioneering spirit by Oppo. Where is Apple ?
            No I'm not Chinese.