Deal: $200 off of Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL in the USA

23 February 2019
The offer ends on March 3 or while supplies last.

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  • Y7u
  • 05 Mar 2019

Vyn, 25 Feb 2019why is it exclusive to american consumers. like, give me a ... moreJust a hunch but maybe because Google is an American company?

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    • Y7u
    • 05 Mar 2019

    Peterbean, 24 Feb 2019I don't know which department of Google have been approving... moreI agree that the design of the 3 XL is really bad because of the bathtub notch but Google, like other OEMs, will never offer expandable storage and why bother most phones come with ample internal storage anyway. If you expect Google to include all that in the 4/4 XL (with or without an included wireless charger) and sell it for less than its current models then you're delusional. And I don't know why there's no endurance rating for a popular phone like the 3 XL on this site, that's strange.

      This should have been the launched date prices.
      Consumers are wising up to the price gouging by Google and alike.
      Samsung is starting to see sense on the budget end but not the S10x yet. If Apple can't even shift their products to the sheep, what chance has Samsung got?

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        • Vyn
        • X34
        • 25 Feb 2019

        why is it exclusive to american consumers. like, give me a valid reason.

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          • Tfj
          • 25 Feb 2019

          Yes better late than never...but these discounts are coming a lil too late. In my view these discounts should continue with no sunset. Badass phones with top notched cameras and competitive prices are flooding the market in 2019 and will eat into the Pixel sales.
          Google pleases please..the upcoming Pixel 4 and 4XL must have the biggest battery ever (4200--4500mAh), under display or teardrop or small hole front camera, smaller bezels all around except for the front firing speakers. Ok i can keep going....

            I don't know which department of Google have been approving their phone designs, but, they need a major overhaul.
            For the past 3 years Google have been only trailing the competition by at least 2 years, and they're trying to convince the rest of us with, oh what a great camera with only single lens etc.

            Give us chinless design,
            Give is great camera, you're there anyways.
            Give us incredible battery life,
            Give us no notch or little notch.
            Give us crazy processor power.
            Give us wireless charger.
            Give us SD card option.
            And make it affordable.

            Don't give a shit about the color selection, I'll take a mud color if you can give us what we really need.

            If you correct those, I promise you'll put all android manufacturers out of business.

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              • r3a
              • 24 Feb 2019

              The notch no this phone terrible

                Still expensive as hell considering OnePlus and Xiaomi.

                  i wonder why the pixel 2 and 2xl prices have nwver dropped