Hands-on: TCL's foldable displays and phones

24 February 2019
The company just unveiled a patented DragonHinge design of its own and showcased some prototypes and designs it is working on.

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  • khila

better design but it should be thinner

  • Anonymous

Indian , 25 Feb 2019Dot Led Matrix Styled Clock Awesome I thought the inward fold was supposed to be better technology and nobody else could do it =P...

  • Anonymous

At least TCL has an interesting name for the hinge. That Dragon hinge patent will help to fill the TCL coffer.

  • Anonymous

Folding screen is a fad. It's still too thick to put in a pocket, bag, or purse. When it comes to portability, it's still the same bulk as a thin size big screen. Folded or not, the dimension is still the same.

  • Anonymous

Headline: 'Hands-on', article: 'No touching [allowed], though!'

Decent article but was hoping for some actual hands-on impressions.

  • Danny

razva125, 24 Feb 2019That folding is unique HahahahahhahahahahahaHahahahahhahahah... moreWtf is wrong with you?

  • Indian

Dot Led Matrix Styled Clock Awesome

  • Anonymous

They copied from Samsung's 2016 patent sketches, that's it, no other R&D.

  • mentalerror

samsung's hinge is way better than this

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019iPhone 6 can bendevery foldable phone is a copy of iPhone6:))))

  • Ddh

Build quality looks horrible LOL. They look like some ripoff chinese phones from aliexpress with the fold feature

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019I am liking this innovative designs after decades of stale non b... moreiPhone 6 can bend


Sever Clear, 24 Feb 2019RIP Phones. no comment. (No Comment)^8

That folding is unique


What's so special about CSOT displays?

  • Me

SohailSays, 24 Feb 2019Holy moly! Everyone is ready to fold hahahahaOf course. Chinese manufacturers will overflow market with lot of different designs now. After Apple or Samsung will get success with their design, all Chinese manufacturers will follow them, but with lower price.
That's how it is working these days. And it is not only about cell phones.

  • Anonymous

People thing this a new invation that introduced by Samsung itÂ’s just a new Nokia communctior Lol.

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2019i want a real foldable tablet, not a half baked early alpha fold... moreMight as well calling it a tablet phone. Cause of the following:
1. If it's closed. Then you can used the phone functionality. And
2. If it's open. Then it functions like a tablet.

And judging how this tech's gonna be used will probably the tablet mode.

  • Anonymous

i want a real foldable tablet, not a half baked early alpha foldable product that has gender identity issues, dont know if is a phone-tablet or tablet-phone !

  • Matt

hahahaha lol, i don't have even words. What a joke is this? I think I would even be embarrassed to bring and show such a product at a public event like the MWC ...