Weekly poll: vote for the best new flagship, including 4G, 5G and foldable phones

25 February 2019
The major MWC (and pre-MWC) reveals are now behind us, time to find out which company won the hearts of fans.

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  • Anonymous

alterbridg3, 25 Feb 2019How is it worse than a notch? It just looks better in gener... moreThe punch-hole camera design is worse than a notch because it calls attention to itself by being surrounded by lit pixels, while a notch has a way of 'blending' with the frame in your mind and being dismissed. It's like a stuck pixel on a monitor, once you see it you can't unsee it.

The last Oracle, 25 Feb 2019I don't if I have used all major flagships, but I have defi... moreWow. And the proof for all these great claims is???

  • Yeti

ing0ram, 25 Feb 2019For me it is: Sony Xperia 1 - because it is probably the... moreGalaxy Fold would have got my vote if they just could have gotten over their obsession with needing to stick a massive array of cameras everywhere resulting in a massive notch on the main screen. I would have accepted a single (s10) or maybe, slim maybe at that, even a double (s10+) punchhole solution, so that's why I chose Mate X, beautiful unblemished main display, just wish that the Mate X folded inwards like the Fold. Oh well, Gen 1, can't have it all...lol.

  • Anonymous

Why no 'none' option? All these phones are unironically terrible, I hate them all equally.

  • Anonymous

I don't think including the Mate X is fair - what was shown is not the final design, and the launch 'date' is only 'before Q3' (probably). They could still work on it for 3.5 months, do a tiny initial production batch, and declare it launched June 30.

  • Anonymous

innit fun that a phone starting at less than 500$ turns out to be one of the worst choices for a 4g phone ... and a phone starting at 999$ is the best? Ye, of course it's not about money - oh wait it is. Even if the mi9 would be 700$ I would always go for it. The Galaxy S10+ is okay, but for that price it better be THE NEW THING - and is sadly not offering anything special to convince me it being worth 999$...but people never vote rationaly but totally emotional. I dont care for korea, japan or chinese made phones if its a great value. Actually Im willing to pay 999$ for a fully sustainable and fair phone, but that's just my emotion and that doesnt matter in any vote.

The last Oracle, 25 Feb 2019I don't if I have used all major flagships, but I have defi... moreWow. And the proof for all these great claims is???

  • Alien

S10+ and Xperia 1
LG V50 (the S10 5G doesn't have the SD card slot)
Galaxy Fold

You can keep the chinese brands. I'll never use one of those.

  • Inverted snowhuouV

Idk, I prefer the in-fold implementation of Samsung more than that of Huawei's. It just looks more stylish and premium.

Overal mateX is the most progressive flagship, bringing foldable without notches, good looking also with hi end cameras(space for multiple big sensors) doubling as selfie - finally solution to quality selfies with saving space(and holes) taken by selfie cameras/other sensors, meaningful screen on the back And possibility of using a phone without spying camera. The only down is the price.
Otherwise I like how did sony change, ois, triple cam, fps, new design. For me using phone 50% as a camera is this the best choice. dxo aside, shots are like alive.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019Angry because s10+ will sell 20x more than your beloved Len... moreNo man because your statement is as real as fact the 2020 will be end of humanity.
Mi9 will outsell Samsung by billions in a week. Even Lenovo Z5 pro GT will sell much more devuices than Samsung S10+ in same countries where will be both phones for sale.

Best 4G: S10+
Best 5G: S10 5G
Best Foldable: both but I voted Galaxy Fold

[deleted post]well, at least he gave some proofs... but he forgot to mention Sony Alpha Tech for Xperia 1 camera.

if it was Apple or Samsung will you call it Blind Fanboyism?

stop the hate... stop the nonsense...

  • Anonymous

Mate X FTW!!!!

  • steven

IpsDisplay, 26 Feb 2019Samsung cult followers praising their S10 that's just an av... moreI have Mate 20 Pro . On paper it is superior to S10+ in so many points BUT in real life I have tested them side by side one enteire day and it is like bmw horsepower are somehow "stronger" than other cars horsepower :))))
Great gtreat phone M20P just that S10+ more refined. The details make the difference

Samsung cult followers praising their S10 that's just an average flagship, just some upgrades and no innovation

The only poll I checked was the Fold vs Mate X. The rest don't matter to me. I guess this site isn't infested by a bunch of Samsung fanboys because the Mate X is winning.

I actually like the Fold's design except two things - Small outside display. The awkward gap.

The Mate X nailed it because being folded is the state most people will have it. So we can still use it like any normal slab phone. The outside display of the Fold is ridiculous. So much-needed top and bottom bezel like it's 2008 all over again. Like I'm using an Xperia X1.

Neither products are something I would care to buy. Even if they were only $800, I still wouldn't touch either one. Not for a beta product. But the Mate X has shown the most polish and potential with foldables. There is still a ton of room for improvements.

For now, I'm good using my Essential Phone, Apple iPhone SE, LG V20, LG G5, Motorola Moto E4, and Xiaomi Mi 3 in steady rotation. Most of my focus this year has been beating all my PS3/PS4/PS Vita games. Phones don't get me excited like they used to.

It's said ''no prototype" on foldable selection. So where are people who said this crappy chinese junk mate x is a prototype. It's a finished product with wrinkles on the mid of the screen haha a pure trash. And they compare it to galaxy fold

  • Anonymous

alterbridg3, 25 Feb 2019S10+ and its not even close. It may not be the best value p... moreIf the ZTE Axon 10 Pro and/or LG V50 are priced moderately, I wouldn't necessarily say that. It's bad enough that the LG V50 has a microSD card slot and Quad-DAC while the 5G Galaxy S10 does not.