nubia Alpha, nubia Pods hands-on review

26 February 2019
We take a closer look at nubia's slightly perplexing new wearable watch/phone device and its truly wireless buds.

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  • Anonymous

Best looking smartwatch in last 10 years

Wow, that's one extremely ugly wearable. And on SD2100 to boot. Did they steal it from museum somewhere? From ancient Egypt section probably.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2019With the screen size inflation rate, in 2-3 years we should be a... moreSo finally a phone which can be operated normally again.

  • BillyUK

Tech wizardry badly executed! it looks all kind of nasty. Those side bumpers are simply horrid and I don't understand the need to have a screen on either side of your wrist

  • Will-I-Am

They is really big rip off of Will-I-Am wrist wrap smart watch he’s going to sue the pants off these guys

  • Anonymous

With the screen size inflation rate, in 2-3 years we should be able to buy a smart watch, rip out the bracelet and have a compact smartphone. Yay for progress.

  • Anonymous

If it's free I still wouldn't put one on my wrist

  • Lexu07

My God, this is ugly... This should have been just a prototype, with a looong way to go to the final product

  • saw089

"Indoor running and outdoor walking" best describes this :/