Samsung Galaxy A40 rumored to cost 249, launch soon

02 March 2019
It will be positioned between the Galaxy A30 and A50 which were unveiled last month.

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  • Maria

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2019They A-series is above the M-series, I guess?100%. Galaxy A series was located just behind the S series (Galaxy A8 2018 is mentioned to be S8 mini indeed). A7 2018 and A9 2018 are not behind the S series, tbey are just a trial Samsung phone in the market with triple and quadron cameras.

But now, although A series is above M series, it is not positioned just behind the flagship anymore. Yes, it is so confusing right now.

  • MrQuick

Why cripe they shift the volume buttons to the right?! It has each one android. Samsung probably want to be one from many.

  • Anonymous

Sebstin, 03 Mar 2019Another 6.2" phone?. OMG... why doesnt Sammy release a compact p... moreAgree listening Sammy

Price is great but chipset is not. Cutting cost with all Exynos chipset for the new A series.

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2019Is A7 better?get A50 for the price of A7...better chipset and better everything...9610 vs 7885

I wanted the A50 but stupid trend of phablets is going on and every damn smartphone manufacturer is hell bent on increasing the diagonal with every upcoming smartphone.

I just wished A50 (with all its specs similar) had a 5.8" display with U notch making it very compact and practical...just wish..

  • Anonymous

No compact phones and metal unibody phones from Samsung in 2019. What happened to the compact and metal bodied J series of 2017?

  • Sebstin

Another 6.2" phone?. OMG... why doesnt Sammy release a compact phone? 140mm X 70mm form factor..

  • Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous, 03 Mar 2019How much it costs?Everything

  • Anonymous

They A-series is above the M-series, I guess?

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2019Samsung is on fire. Ordered my A50 today. Thankfully, A40 co... moreHow much it costs?

  • Anonymous

The redmi note 7/note 7 pro offers alot more?

What the hack...

  • Anonymous

Samsung is on fire.
Ordered my A50 today.
Thankfully, A40 coming with less powerful CPU

  • Anonymous

Too much models released earlier this year. M10-20-30, A10-30-50 is more than enough. The differences between models (esp M series and A10) are slim.

Chronic disease of Samsung. Just simplify your product lineup and ensure (longer) regular updates are delivered to users.

  • Quikmix

Is the A50 going to come to the North American market?

  • Anonymous

Kijic, 02 Mar 2019If this overpricing trend continues, Huawei will swallow Samsung... moreNot Huawei, but Redmi and Realme.

  • Essen

After saying they are going to cut down and streamline their range, Samsung seems back to old ways. Besides, previously, notches and holes were to make a phone appear distinct from the rest. Now, not having any will be distinct. Not to mention more aesthetically pleasing and useful. Any OEM ready to pause from the rat race and consider this?

  • Anonymous

7904 is a worst chipset.
M20, M30, A10, A30, A40..
Why Samsung? Want to replace phone within a year??

  • AnKor

Let me guess... yet another 6.5" phablet?