vivo V15 is official with a fingerprint scanner on the back

04 March 2019
The phone keeps the 32 MP pop-up camera, but everything else is different from the V15 Pro.

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  • Anonymous

It is a perfect phone with some really amazing features including powerful Helio P70 processor and pop-up selfie camera

  • hehe

Hollyoaks, 05 Mar 2019Is that bambam from got7? yesss he's bambam got7

  • Anonymous

A micro usb, disaspointment? what happend to 2 years ago. Type-c is just a fancy looking usb port with the same transfer speed as a micro usb. so in my opinion i dont see the downside of this.

  • Hollyoaks

Is that bambam from got7?

What a shame, microUSB in 2019 on a phone priced above $300.

Now the realme 3 launched in india with MTK P70 and price under 10k..

This phone is for those people who love's big screen and good battery life, micro usb is let down..