Meizu Note 9 debuts with a 48 MP camera and Snapdragon 675

06 March 2019
The midranger is just the second Meizu smartphone with a notch.

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Design wise, it looks identical to the XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 7 PRO (that is one long ass name), no doubt. Same can be said to the specifications too, though it lacks in a few aspects as compared to the latter. All in all, it's basically a ripoff from the XIAOMI with some aspects of it being compromised, which makes the latter a better deal

  • Anonymous

Why would the largest storage option only come with the smaller RAM choice?!? Misprint?

That looks like Meizu picked up Note 7 Pro from Xiaomi and slapped it's name on it, degraded some specs here and there and boom, you got a new phone

  • Dude

Okay, confirmed it's plastic. Horrible move again by Meizu. Also their roms suck, bug galore like Lenovo.

  • Dude

Plastic on the back again like on the x8? If so, then hard pass. Plastic should not be allowed in this day and age!

  • Anonymous

Great bang for buck

any news about global version?

Yes it's better camera sensor area on Redmi but Meizu has a better build quality (metal frame). It remains to be seen how good both of these really are.

  • Anonymous

nASIR, 06 Mar 2019making it the first phone by the Chinese maker with any sor... moreThey are reffering to a no big notch on any Meizu phone

  • nASIR

making it the first phone by the Chinese maker with any sort of cutout on the display??? hOW COME???

Redmi note 7 pro wannabe? That one has a better image sensor at a lower price too.

  • Mike

Meizu X8 was their first ever model with cutout, not this one

I like that ad!